[A] Mage or Pally/brew tank looking for 2 day mythic raiding group in shadowlands


I’ve recently decided to play a spriest in a mostly friend group in SL, and I am looking for another 2 day week that might be a bit more progression focused. I’m currently interested in playing a Frost mage with arcane of spec, or a tank pally or monk for shadowlands.

My availability is Monday/wed (all evening) or Tuesday/thur from 7:30 EST until 11PM est; (Central: 6:30-10:00; MST: 5:30-9:00; PST: 4:30-8:00) I can also do Sunday late-night.

I’m a very experienced raider and very dedicated to the groups I play in, have a much longer post when I was first looking where you’re welcome to find all of the other information you might be curious about: Experienced mythic raider looking for 2 weeknight (Su-Th) Raid in Shadow Lands (multiple class options) - #12 by Lucidin-hyjal

Or you can reach out to me:
Discord: Phauks#4079
Bnet: Bokken#1607

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Bumping for Phauks

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Bumping for Phauks

Hey! We’ve been looking for some solid ranged dps and would be open to having another Mage! We’re a semi-hardcore guild on Turalyon that raids Tues/Weds from 8-11 EST, if the times work out and you’re interested I’ll leave a btag below to get in contact, I’ll also leave more of our guild info linked below.

Btag: Wandappy#1921
Info: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!

Thanks I’ll check it out.

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