(A) mage lf guild


Imperious is a guild that started later in the expansion, a collection of competitive players from a few different guilds looking to push more challenging content, that quickly saw success in our mythic progression groups. We currently have 2 raid groups, one being our night team which raids 2:15-4:15AM Wed/Thurs/Mon mornings, the other our weekend team that raids Fri/Sat nights 8:30-11:30pm. Although we have 2 separate raid teams, we still try to do things as a guild as much as we can (M+, pvp, alt raids)

With the holiday season done and past, our rosters have lost a couple members due to complications or people just quitting the game like a lot of people do around this time after an expansion. At the base of it all, we really just need a few more high tier competitive players that want to push end game content to polish off our roster for the next raid tier.

Currently the AM group is in need of a ranged dps and maybe 1 healer/dps hybrid, but we recruit players not necessarily classes, so anyone who applies with good credentials(i.o, logs, etc) will be given a trial or be considered. Our night raids run Wed/Thurs/Sun 2:15-4:15AM Thrall server time with invites going out 15-30 minutes prior. Message Bubblelift-Thrall in game or add me to bnet Steez#1570 with any questions or to contact and see what kinda progress we can make.

Our weekend group, which raids Fri/Sat 8:30-11:30PM Thrall server time, is also looking for similar positions as well meeting the same criteria listed above. If you are interested in the weekend raid team or have any questions feel free to message Jaysmonk-Thrall in game or you can friend him on bnet Jay#18930

We have a few solid M+ groups pushing high keys(15+) and would also like to start more for anyone looking to form consistent groups of in-sync players. Our guild is highly motivated with active members wanting to push content, and we’d rather not pug, so shoot me a message @Bubblelift-Thrall or Steez#1570 on battlenet to see what we can do to help each other out and progress!

Hey there, question for you. ARe you willing to faction transfer to Horde? Are you looking for CE guild? or just a Heroic guild?

Our guild is AOTC Uldir currently having it on farm until Jan 22. We would like to have a second mage in our core raiding team for BoD :slight_smile:

Raid times are Tues & Thurs 8:30pm to 11pm EST.

If you are interested come check us out:

hi there! Check us out - You say Alliance but if you’re interested in faction changing possibly we may have the home for you!