[A] Low-Drama Premade Request

Hey all,

I’ve been on DD for a few months now, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I love getting back into Classic WoW, and even with the nuances and adaptations that have some people complaining, I still have fun.

I came on board the server a little late, roughly around the time ZG hit… seems I missed a lot of the early-days rush. Last time around, I played through Vanilla, TBC, and WoTLK before life took the reins and pulled me away from the game. I got into Vanilla right at the end, just a few months before TBC announced. Because of this, I never actually got to experience any end-game PvP ranking in Classic. The OG ranking system went away, leaving my main a Sergeant Major for the rest of his days (it eventually turned into a pretty cool title, as not many people still had the old PvP ranks by the time WoTLK rolled up!)

Never getting to experience that part of old WoW has left me a bit nostalgic, so I’m making a request here in hopes that I might be able to reach that goal.

If there are any pre-mades out there willing to accept a fresh 60 (with an epic mount), please let me know if you have a spot open, and if so, what times during the week you’d want me to be active. I can adjust my window throughout the day, but my actual play time is somewhat limited by real-world issues.

I’ll contribute however I can, and will bring an annoyingly positive and can-do attitude! :wink: