[A] Loster Signal Normal Only Learning/Fun Team

Our Horde side managed a full clear in 2 hours 37 minutes! Alliance is starting this week on KT and are looking to do the same or better!

We came back and beat Horde side by 6 minutes on our first full clear! New benchmark for this week is 1 hour 43 minutes to now beat Hordes new time.

Is there still room for folks? I’ve plugged a few early bosses but looking for a chill guild with folks actually on -or-that actually needs ppl are usually two scenarios! :rofl:

Yes we are! You can reach out to me on Discord at Ochyro#4197 or join our guild discord listed above and come join for a couple raids to get a feel for the group.

This is the last week of our September M+ Tournament! Over the past three weeks 35 of our guild members have ran over 112 keys in a push to see who is the greatest! We have one week left, come swing by our discord to follow along!

Our next M+ tournament is just about to begin! If you are interested in an active community with multiple raid teams and monthly tournaments this is the place for you!

We just finished our Glory of the Dominant raider and are looking forward to 9.2! Still actively running and looking for more!

Working on transmog and alts now!

I will look you all up when I get online. Former CE player looking to login and hang with a cool group.

Sure thing, message me on discord if you have any questions! Ochyro#4197

Alliance run is this Sunday! Come drop on by and see what we are all about!

Best time to finish off some SOD achievements or transmog is now!

We are still going strong straight into 9.2!

Alliance normal raid coming up this Sunday at 8pm Central/Server time. Stop by our Discord to hang out, raid, and find some new friends to play with!

We are still going strong! Last night we did Normal Sanctum skip, Normal Nathria for legendary patters and renown catchup, and finished off the evening with mythic BOD for some sweet transmog!

Starting the new raid with Horde side on 3/6, then Alliance on 3/13. Come gear up and prepare with us!

New raid starts this Sunday for our Alliance group!

Just finished another successful night of raiding! This week is now Horde!

Onto Jailer, then it will be alt runs and transmog farm into the future!