[A] <Loot What You Kill> 10/10 SOD AOTC Recruiting for Mythic Progression

[A] 10/10 SOD AOTC. Recruiting to fill roster for Mythic Progression. Raids Thurs 7:45p-10pm EST, SAT 7:45p-11pm EST (first pull at 8pm). Most of us are 1/10M under an old guild, before we split ways and formed this new guild. We want to fill out a 20 man roster before starting mythic progression. I believe we should progress to 3/10M quickly and our goal would be 5/10M. Please message me on discord Myklain#3981 for more information. Current Needs 1 Healer, 3 DPS(Warlock/Enhance Shaman would be great). Ranged DPS would be great but open to other options.