[A] Looking for Week Night Raiding guild

Hey guys, I am looking for a new home. My current server (Incendius) has maxed out its population.
I am currently looking for a week night raiding guild that has ambitions of raiding Naxxramus.
I am a Warlock geared in current raid BIS or close to it. All current attunements completed. I really enjoy farming consumables to benefit not just my raid performance but the whole groups performance.
Anyone know of a server/guild I could look into?

Lot of guilds are looking for good warlocks. We raid Fridays and Sunday nights (though MC during week). Whisper darhoth or holyworm in-game on Netherwind if you want to chat.

Thanks for the replay. Sorry to say I am trying not to be raiding on the weekend.

Hey there, 8/8 BWL is looking for more skilled DPS. PM in-game at Yatze on Netherwind.