(A) Looking for RP focused guild!

New to server, but not to game, and looking for an RP guild to join. I am currently working on a gnome mage, and just looking to join a friendly community on Deviate Delight. I enjoy leveling, and doing dungeons with friends. Give me an in game mail, and let us see if this gnome is a good fit for your guild. Thanks for reading.

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Hey Frizzin! My guild is an all dwarf and gnome roleplaying guild, and we are pretty friendly as far as it goes! Feel free to ask for an invite and I’ll invite ya!

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Dwarves aren’t as good as gnomes at following directions! Frizzin asked for a response in the mail, Hagrim. I already sent him one and he indicated he was very interested and would be reaching out soon.

But, to the original post, I, too, highly recommend the Winterforge Clan! Great group of gnomes and dwarves!