A little anxious, lol

I created an undead on this server and was hanging out in Orgrimmar. It’s amazing to see so many RPers, compared to Classic WoW.

This totally awesome undead dude came over and talked to me and my brain stopped working and I couldn’t think of cool RP responses.

Does this happen to others sometimes, too? I mean, the general idea of: Oh crap someone is actually talking to me! Quick, brain, think of something clever or cool to say! Oh wait, now the person is leaving! Crap! Ahhh I still can’t think of anything to say so I’ll just stare at him for a moment, lol

Is this “social anxiety,” then? Jeepers, I’m months away from being 40 years old and I feel like a little school girl with a crush with an inability to make coherent sentences to someone.


If you’re using TRP, a lot of folks put something in their “OOC section” along the lines of “new here/new to rp/etc, may be slow to respond”. This would probably help!

If it is social anxiety, (which I’d assume it’s not if you don’t already have it IRL,) you could also put something along those lines in the OOC section as well. Something like “Shy, pls be patient/whisper me for RP!” etc.

I know when I started out RPing on this server I had the same problem lol. I think its just a “this is new” type of anxiety.


Hi there, and welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Don’t worry - it’s totally normal. A lot of people get anxious in roleplay situations, but it does get a lot better the more you get used to mingling with folks! You don’t have to go out of your way to try to impress anyone ICly!

If you’re having a hard time thinking of how to respond to people at first, just start with striking up common conversations, or even asking them questions to get to know what their story is better if you don’t yet have a lot to talk about regarding your own character that you’re still fleshing out! Usually that’s a good way to get ideas for keeping up conversations.

As you continue to roleplay, you’ll more than likely start getting more and more ideas for what kind of person your character is and what you’d like for their goals to be. They don’t have to be an out of this world person! They can just be someone people can relate to and empathize with. After all, every person has things that make them tick and drive them to get out of bed (or I guess in your character’s case, the coffin) every day!

You’ll run into a lot of folks who are kind and understanding that you’re new to the rolepalying scene, and many will even be willing to help you out. Just do your best to interact with people when they interact with you, because otherwise they might just get the impression that you’re not interested in roleplaying with them. If you’re feeling too nervous or need to go when someone walks up with you, you could always politely excuse yourself ICly and let them know that perhaps another day you will continue on the conversation with them.

Also, I really recommend checking out some of the open to the public roleplay events that get posted on the forums here. A lot of them are neutral, so make sure you bring some items called Elixir of Tongues sold by a goblin vendor in the Dalaran Sewers in Legion’s Dalaran. It lets you understand what people on the opposite faction are saying in the Common tongue.

Public events are a good way to get your character out there and mingle, too! Though, you can also always get plenty of practice on a daily basis mingling with people in Orgrimmar, particularly at and around the Wyvern’s Tail.

Shaysinn offers some really good advice as posted above! On that note, here is a list of recommended roleplayer addons to enhance your roleplay experience:

  • Total Roleplay 3 (TRP3)
  • Cross RP (Lets you see the profiles of people on the opposite faction, and reminds you to refresh your Elixir of Tongues when the buff is about to fall off.)
  • Listener (Makes it easier in large events to keep track of who is talking to your character by highlighting your character’s name in conversations and emotes in the main chat, and it also gives you a separate chat window that collects these “replies of interest” so you don’t have to scroll to find them again in the main chat. It also does this with characters you have targeted whenever they speak or emote, and you can set it up to include more “words of interest” to highlight. For instance, if you want to catch every conversation about the Titans, you can add “Titans” to the keyword database in the addon settings.)

I hope this all helps, and once again, welcome to the server! You will no doubt make many friends on both factions here, and more than likely a few folks who get cross-realmed into various events and the like! You won’t necessarily need to join a guild to get plenty of satisfying roleplay these days, though I do recommend attending some open events, joining some of the in-game and Discord communities that interest you, and skimming through the Horde Guild Directory thread that Shaysinn has awesomely taken the time to make, if you are interested in the near future in progressing your character through a guild storyline or are just looking to make even more pals!


Daaang Naz. That was an awesome welcome post of info.


Daw, thank you. I always worry a little that I go overboard with the text walls by accident. (I never realize how long my posts are until I hit enter, and see what I have wrought. LOL ) And here I thought the Serpent’s Spine Wall was big! :stuck_out_tongue: Also, thank you for making the guild directory threads - they are very helpful resources for new folks in search of a guild!


Ah, so that’s where people get those! Ok, I’ll look up where that Legion Dalaran place is, thank you.

The Listener addon sounds like it would be great for crazy-crowded places like Orgrimmar. I’ll definitely get that. Thanks so much.

I’ll check out the Horde directory, too. I’ve tried RPing on the alliance side (on moonguard, last month), but I think my heart is with the Horde, lol


No problem! It’s sold by the vendor named: " Fizzi Liverzapper " in the little circular room all the way to the right side of the map of the Dalaran Sewers, but only in the Legion version of Dalaran, not the one in Northrend from the WoTLK expansion. If you can get a mage to portal you there, it should be accessible to a low level character if you haven’t used a level boost (I also recommend setting your hearthstone to an inn in Dalaran, for convenience purposes, since there is a portal to the Orgrimmar portal room in your faction’s side of Dalaran as well), though sometimes mobs do spawn in the Dalaran Sewers! You should be able to get to the vendor, and buy the elixirs for a few gold a piece, even as a low level character, though!

Listener is a lifesaver for me. I do wish there was a way to “set focus” more than one target at a time, but it still comes in handy. On that note, you may want to add an OOC note to your TRP saying “If I miss an emote, please whisper me.” in the event that you do overlook something someone did or said to your character.

I can relate to how you feel! I adore both factions and love the people on both sides, but I think deep down, my heart will always be for the Alliance. I just get nostalgic for the forests of Elwynn, the mountains of Dun Morogh, the moons over Teld-…Darkshor-… Ashenvale is still unmarred, right? Let’s go with Ashenvale. [coughs into fist awkwardly] :stuck_out_tongue:


OP, I’ll send you some elixir of tongues in-game for now to hold ya over until you can get to Dal! Also, there are a few Neutral server events coming up this week you can check out:

EDIT: Oh duh haha can’t really send them because I don’t know your WrA character name! xD

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Forgive me. I’m too embarrassed to post on my new Wyrmrest main because I seem to have crushes on the undead dudes. Maybe it’s the cool punk-rock dance. ::blushing, shaking head, laughing at myself:: I appreciate the thought, though. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Oooo I love events! Thank you so much!


No problem! :smiley:

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Hello new friend!