[A] <Lions Share> PvP / Semi-Hardcore PvE Recruiting for TBC

Lion’s Share is recruiting for both raid groups running on different days. (These are NOT split runs, nor is one raid more competitive or casual than the other.)

We are a PvP & Semi Hardcore PvE guild looking to fill out our TBC roster. We’re interested in active players that don’t need their hands held, know how to play their class efficiently, and has a guild first mentality.

  • Leadership has TBC & Naxx experience from Vanilla and raided in some of the top US guilds. (War Front, Vicious Cycle, Dues Vox, and Kinetic to name a few)
  • 15/15 Naxx week 1 with full clears in one night. #3 guild on Whitemane to kill KT.
  • #1 NA Alliance AB team in the Blizzard sponsored tournament. We’re PvPers with a server reputation known to be #1, actively WPvP, and soon to be at the top of the arena ladder.
  • TBC Loot will be handled via open discussion with your fellow raiders and LC will step in as needed

Raid 1: Tues/Wed @ 6:30PM PST
Raid 2: Thurs/Fri @ 6:30PM PST

We have open recruitment but these are the classes / specs we’re highly interested in:
Holy Paladin - 1
Prot Paladin - 1 (Raid 2)
Resto Shaman - Lots
Enh Sham - 2
Ele Sham - 2
Warlock - 1-2
Balance Druid - 2
Feral (Tank) Druid - 2

Exceptional players and PvPers are always welcomed!

Please apply via discord and feel free to ask any questions there. Discord invite code “cU5mAFrVtM”

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Elite pvp dominance

hunter friendly 80% of the time

I rerolled here at the start of BWL to play with this guild, was literally the best decision I’ve ever made.

Recap highlight reel:
1322 BG wins to Rank 12, only 8 losses. About 15 players who are rank 12-14.

We kill world bosses, most people have their BIS items off of world bosses.

We completed AQ40 in 1.5 hours on our second week in there, soon it’ll be under an hour.

Several of our players are world ranked DPS and our guild is a top 50 North American guild. (We’re pretty casual compared to most guilds in this range, no split raid requirements.)

We make roaming PvP groups on the daily just to give horde a taste of phase 2.

A lot of our players are TBC (and Beyond) rank 1 Gadiators and Gladiators.

No need to be shy, we’re still recruiting!

still looking for exceptional gamers

Well cultured guild that will happily help any approved recruit with leveling & gear

is still closed the apply to hunter?

Sorry, we’re not looking for more hunters. The first post in this thread gets updated regularly with classes we’re looking for.

Still looking for exceptional players

Lions Share #1 We’re still recruiting

BUMP! Lions Share #1! Need pumpers boys lets go!

Where the priests at!? I know you want to clear content easily without much effort or a dent in your consumes bankroll.

Really strong core raiders in this guild

We have open recruitment on a handful of classes!

Open recruitment is <3

Lions Share is looking for some TBC PUMPERS! Open recruitment across the board.

Best guild on classic

We’re still recruiting for Naxx & TBC and we’ve started to rotate in people switching mains in TBC to collect Naxx loot.

Exceptional gamers