[A] <Lionheart> | Recruiting for our TBC-focused raiding guild

Lionheart is a new guild created from the best raiders of our former Classic guild, including the raid leader, some officers and class leads. Our goal is to progress through TBC content quickly and efficiently. We are currently recruiting to fill a handful of remaining spots in our raid team. Expect to join some very active and friendly WoW players in your journey to the Outland!

Raid Dates & Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9-9:30pm to as late as midnight EST. 25-person raids on Tuesdays. 10-person raids on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays.

Raid Style: Without labelling ourselves one type of guild, we best describe Lionheart as a “do what is required for success” mindset of raiding. This includes learning the raids, playing your class/spec to the best of your ability and bringing the consumables required for success. You will never be berated for making a mistake. Instead, we support each other to help improve each others’ “A game”.

Loot System: A combination of Loot Council reserves for premium or Tier items and MS>OS rolls for interim upgrades. Due to the volume of potential upgrades that can be earned in various ways, we feel this is the best approach going into TBC.

To learn more, you can visit our discord at: discord.gg/5gkVA7R5rX

We’re super friendly, so please feel free to check out our discord to learn more about us and to ask any questions. :smiley:

Just realized I paid for Classic.
Might be in Arathie kick in the raptor.

Looking forward to TBC, come join us for the fun! :slight_smile:

Looking to transfer servers, but need to find the right home? Come check us out on our discord, drop us a note in the Join Lionheart channel or hop into “The Pub” channel to chat.

Nearing lvl 60 on your new TBC toon? Need a group to get your attunements done? We will be hosting attunement runs starting next week and soon will be getting our newest characters into 20-mans and Molten Core to get geared. Guests are always welcome to join us. Feel free to drop by our discord and sign-up in our raid channels.

Feel free to join our discord, ask questions and see if you’re a good fit in our community :slight_smile:. Don’t worry we’re friendly :smile:

TBC Dates are now upon us! We ARE prepared! Plans are already in place to level via Dungeons as of June 1st. We are looking for some great people who just happen to kick butt as raiders, too. Drop into our Discord to learn more about us and/or chat with our friendly crew.

Visit our discord, head to the TBC Central > Portal Day text channel to read our early TBC plans. We offer social leveling, assistance in getting your quests done, all with the endgame in mind.

What classes / specs are you recruiting?

Raid Team 1 is nearly full. We are recruiting for:

1 Shaman of each specialization
1 Survival Hunter
1 Holy Priest

Learn more at discord.gg/7Dsu5j9haE

We’re still recruiting, so come find out more at discord.gg/7Dsu5j9haE

Our community has been growing steadily with great quality people. Now that the pre-patch has launched, we have plenty of action at all hours of the day and night thanks to our east to west coast reach.

Drop on by our discord today to learn more. If you like what you see, drop us a note in the “Join Lionheart” channel or search for our guildies in game to party up with us.

We have players online at all hours. You will never have to play alone for long in Lionheart!

Feel free to drop by and chat with us to find out what we’re about! We’re a community of fun loving people that love to help each other out. Find out more at discord.gg/7Dsu5j9haE

After doing some endgame raid content, we have assessed a further need for the following:

2 Restoration Shamans
1 Holy Priest
1 Holy Paladin
1-2 Mages
2 Shadow Priests

Drop into our discord to learn more about us or to join in for some dungeon runs at: discord.gg/7Dsu5j9haE

Lionheart is growing!

With our recent expansion team, we are needing to fill some much needed roles with people who are looking to get into Phase 2 raids. We are in need of almost all roles, except Prot Paladins and Rogues. Please contact me with your role and spec and I will confirm if we can give you a spot in one of our 2 raid teams.

Team 1 is now at 4/6 SSC and 1/4 TK (we expect to be 5/6 SSC and 2 or 3/4 TK next week).
Team 2 is entering SSC for the first time next week, but some of this team has experienced P2 with Team 1.