[A] <Liege> AOTC + Guild Recruiting for Thurs/Fri 9p-12a EST

:star2:Guild Summary

  • The guild has been around since the launch of BFA.
  • Transferred from Moonguard RP in Mid August
  • We are a “semi-hardcore” guild with a great atmosphere and solid leadership.
  • We currently run two raid teams on different days to accommodate our raiders.
  • Active mythic + community in the guild that pushes KSM every season.

:trophy:Raid Information

  • Raid Days/Times: Thurs - Friday [9 pm - 12am] EST
  • Our Priority is AOTC, then Mythic Progression
  • You are recruited as a Trial Raider for 2 weeks of raiding, equating to 4 total raids. At that point, you will be promoted to Raider.
  • If you are interested, please contact us in the following ways.

:mailbox_with_no_mail:PST Message or In Game Mail

  • @Bloodpain
  • @Totemagano

Discord Message

  • Joey R#9967


  • Simply reply to this thread with your information

:trophy:Heroic Progression

  • 10/10 H Fated CN
  • 10/10 H Fated SOD
  • 11/11 H Fated SFO

:trophy:Mythic Progression

  • 0/10 M Fated CN
  • 3/10 M Fated SOD
  • 0/11 M Fated SFO



Any Healer class/specs will trial


Any Melee DPS class/specs will trial


  1. Boomkin [1 slot open]

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