[A] LFG Stormrage 370 iLVL

Greetings, 370 iLVL Assassination Rogue. I am looking for a new place to call home. I am looking for a non elitist casual to semi hardcore guild that does Heroic raids to achieve AOTC. I am not opposed in dabbling in some Mythic raiding as well. Also looking for an active guild with lots of members who are interested in doing things on off nights such as M+.

Mainly looking for a raiding guild that matches my schedule, 2 days a week, 9PM - 11:30PM. What’s important to me is enjoying the game with a mature, good group of people. Being that I am older with a family and kids, having a flexible raiding / playing schedule is very important to me.

Thank you

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Hi Cyreks

Am interested in chatting with you. Can add me Meadbh#1777
Guild post is here: <Primordial Malice> LFM for H Progression - Filling Spots


We def chatted before, you are on my friends list. I think I chatted with you when I was on my warrior. I’m not sure if I can make the 8:30PM raid times :frowning:

Sorry keep switching toons … my main is currently my Rogue, that’s my most geared toon.

Hi Cyreks!

I’m Cunegonde, GM of Coachella, a newly formed guild on Stormrage. It sounds like we might be a good fit for what you are looking for!

Though the guild is new, the entire raid team is a transplant from a previous guild which had acquired AOTC and was 2/8M by the beginning of December. As a guild we are an AOTC focused guild but once that is completed (which we anticipate will be in short order) we will embrace whatever challenge is on the horizon. We believe in friendship, respect, and trust as the foundation for our raid team and our guild.

Our raid times are Fri/Sat from 8:30-11:30 EST.

Please let me know if you would like to speak further! My btag is Cunegonde#1673. Looking forward!

Bumping my own post :slight_smile:

Hi Cyreks,

I’ll keep this short. Ex Inferno is a 18+ gaming community based out of two servers. Our Alliance (Stormrage) division has two raid teams that have openings. Follow the link below that will take you to our community post. In there, you can find the individual team posts. Feel free to join our discord server and DM me with any questions!

Best of luck!


Bump still looking for that perfect match

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Hey there,

I was browsing the forum and think you would be a great fit for the guild Angelic Reign. Here is a little more information about my guild:

We consider all quality applicants. If you feel that you would be a good fit for us (raider or non-raider), do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a Discord interview or add my battle tags to discuss further.

Thanks for your time and happy hunting!

Bump looking for an active semi hardcore guild with a raid start time of 9PM. :slight_smile: