[A] LF Guild - 28+ age, wow vets, gay friendly, prot war

Hey Moon Guard, It’s getting boring playing alone. My current guild is inactive and doesn’t do endgame, and doesn’t use discord. I’m way more active and social.

I hate even mentioning I’m looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly guild, but the necessity of not being bullied in my guild is unfortunately a thing. No anti gay or anti trans people.

No No Trump people. No way am I joining a guild with conservatives in it.

Age: I’m 35. I like playing with older players. They’re more relatable. I’m independent, live on my own, have a good job.
Wow vet: Been playing since 2004, and same prot warrior since 2005.

Most players I see are zoomers or even younger, and most haven’t played wow as long as me. I’m like this boomer basically. It’s fine. But, let me play with other old people. k thanks.

If my criteria annoys you, please just leave the thread and be glad I don’t wanna play with you.

My character: 235 ilvl prot warrior. Not great gear. I know how to play my class though. I’d like to do some mythics every week (like 2-3) and also runs for mounts/mogs/achievements/reps/collections, and I might even be interested in raiding, if the guild was particularly compatible on Discord, and needs a prot warrior. I’m stubborn about always playing the same spec and class. I don’t play many alts, except for the sake of mount collecting.

My whole thing is like… pet battle pvp… and collecting old items, and mogs, and mounts. I’ve got a lot of super rare and no-longer-obtainable items. I’m an AH goblin. I meme and troll a bit and stand around SW and Goldshire too much.

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Hi, there!

Hit me up on discord - I’d love to chat more with you see if Reign of Evenfall is a good fit for you!


Talk to you soon!