[A] <Late Night> Recruiting raiders for Phase 2

The night is dark and full of awesome people.
is an after hours Alliance raiding guild in TBC Classic on US-Bloodsail Buccaneers. We pride ourselves on efficient high level execution in a friendly environment.
Current Recruitment Needs:
Warlock, Enhancement or Restoration Shaman, Holy or Shadow Priest
Raid Dates and Times: (All Times EST)
Wednesday: 11:59 pm - 2 AM
Thursday: 11:59 pm - 2 AM
Friday: 11:59 pm - 3 AM
All Phase 1 Content Clear. Server 2nd Magtheridon.
Loot System:
Loot Council supported by EPGP.
Expectations of us:
We foster a positive and PG raiding environment.
Our focus as a raid is on clean execution and doing things well, with the aim at clearing all content in TBC Classic. We have demonstrated a high level of performance in WoW Classic thus far and intend to continue doing so in TBC.

No discussion of politics, sex, or religion. Everyone should be able to feel welcome and comfortable during our raids.
Expectations of you:
Actively farming pre-raid dungeon and crafted gear where applicable.
Available for 90% of Scheduled Raids.
This is foremost a PvE Guild. PvE Specs are required during raids.
We are looking for enthusiastic players who are interested and curious about their class and spec and actively pursuing improvement.

Arseholes are not welcome, no mater how talented.

Some unsolicited reviews from our raiders:
“Loved the Environment, was really fun!!”
“Thanks for letting a lone transfer come join you all”
“It’s been a pleasuring raiding with you guys and I’m glad to have joined”
“Thanks for all the raid prep, coordination, dry runs so we don’t burn consumes, monkey-wrangling y’all have done”.
“An absolute blast, healing is so much fun in the raid, what a rush”.

To Apply visit our discord at:
discord . gg / GHtsTpJCY5


would you take a new player coming for TBC that wants to play alliance shaman?

This guild is WoW Heaven.

This guild is that guild where you lay down at night, next to your wife, and she asks you what you’re thinking about, and you say “nothing…” It’s this guild. This is what you’re thinking about.

This is the guild where you zone out into a daydream, thinking to yourself “I wish my guild would…” They do. They do that thing that you wish they would do.

This guild is WoW Heaven.

We are actively recruiting a Balance Druid! Owl Time!

“friendly environment” is the farthest thing from the truth about this guild, They would discriminate against players not in their guild and are hatefully against helping members of their own team when PUGs are involved in any group settings,

there are better guilds out there

HIGHLY recommend to stay away!

Oh Ychinso, don’t be sour man.

Late Night is the place to be. Higher level raiding, Ice Cream socials, Taco Thursdays, and free puppies! They have it all.

Was offered job with less work and more pay, and almost turned it down to keep raiding with them in TBC. Almost…

West coast friendly raid times, me likey. I’ll check out your Discord and hit up some of your members.

Bumped for Phase 2 Recruitment

SO, your guild will be Perfect for my new work schedule. Only problem is… I have to reroll and pray by the time I get a character to 70, you will still need the class.

What class do you find your always in need of?