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120 Night Elf Demon Hunter5535


I’m getting to the point where I will need to start nailing down my spec for gear and traits. I have no interest in tanking raids, but I do enjoy the occasional Mythic+ and Battleground.

How is Veng DH in Mythic+ and PvP?


Ok, i made a mess of that. I’m not Theledren.
Theledren is a player looking for advice regarding VDH viability.
For some reason, seeking this advice in the Dungeons, I E’s, and raids forum.
I thought this would be a better place.

Vengeance demon hunter is nearly unplayable in PvP – it simply doesn’t bring anything of value to the table. Havoc is very strong though. That said, it is very strong right now in M+ due to a high health pool which allows for very powerful twilight devastation procs, along with a strong base aoe kit (aoe silence, snare, etc).