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Website: www.kultirasmarines.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/7MuQz2m
Bnet: Gonzalez#1887

I. Theme & Guild Basics

Kul Tiras Marines is an RP guild focused the island nation of Kul Tiras - both military and civilian.

On the military side, we RP an elite Kul Tiran special forces unit engaged in expeditionary missions, marine reconnaissance and rapid strike guerilla warfare in service of the Proudmoore Admiralty. RP-PvP patrols and attacks deep into enemy territory are frequently conducted. We have a specialized sect for stealth ops dubbed BI:6 (Boralus Intelligence) and also maintain a Horde-side charter for conducting cross-faction RP focused on espionage & sabotage in service of the interests of Kul Tiras.

On the civilian side, members are academic and research staff of the Proudmoore Naval Academy in Boralus, complete with an RP'ed bootcamp and training/educational/research programs. Proudmoore Naval Academy Staff includes Professors, Scholars and Experts in Social Sciences, Military Science, the Arcane Arts, Theology, Void magic, Thornspeakers and Tidesages among others. We will support your RP preferences and expand on the body of scholarly expertise within the Academy!

II. Activities

* RP-WPvP campaigns/events/patrols
* Proudmoore Naval Academy RP
* Cross-Faction Espionage RP using our Horde characters
* Community events
* Casual Rated PvP RBGs/Arenas
* Casual PvE (M+ Dungeons & Normal-difficulty Raiding)

III. RP Goals

The Marines are committed to the dismantling of the Horde as a world power, complete extermination of the Orcs as an invasive parasitic species, restoration of the Eastern Kingdoms to it's rightful peoples, and a return to the world order which existed prior to the Orc Invasion of the First War.

The following are prominent in KTM RP:

* Violently Xenophobic against the Horde
* Fervent Nationalism for Kul Tiras
* Naval culture with strict martial discipline
* Adherence to the Marine Code of Honor

IV. Recruitment

We're a small guild and welcoming of new players without prior RP or PvP experience - we will teach you! Cadets undergo Bootcamp at the Proudmoore Academy which consists of PvP training and RP'ed instruction on Kul Tiras lore and the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual:


V. Structure

We RP the 5th Marine Reconnaissance Brigade. Our unit consists of two companies with three occupational divisions. Members are required to maintain an Alliance character. Horde characters are optional.

Alpha Company (Kul Tiras Marines)
* Alliance charter
* Mission: Marine Reconnaissance, Guerilla Warfare
* Accepted Races: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Worgen, Void Elves
* Note: "Other" races typically restricted to stealth-capable classes as BI:6 agents
* Proudmoore Academy civilian staff may join as any race/class combination.

Bravo Company (Kezan Trade Mercantile)
* Horde charter, operates as a shifty Goblin trade cartel as the front for "anonymous customers"
* Mission: Subterfuge & Espionage
* Targets Pirates/criminals/etc within the Alliance
* Accepted Races: Blood Elves & Forsaken
* Quel'dorei spies opposed to Silvermoon's alignment with the Horde
* Undying Marines still loyal to Kul Tiras even in death, and who reject the curse forced on them by the Lich King and Sylvannas Windrunner

Subterfuge-focused RP. Boralus Intelligence is Kul Tiras' counterpart to Stormwind's SI:7 spy agency - with an all-Stealth group (Rogues, Druids, Hunters). Specializes in deep reconnaissance, stealth missions, interrogation and assassinations with agents in both factions.

Marine Corps of Engineers
Engineering-themed RP. Mostly-Gnomes (case-by-case exceptions may be made). Specializes in R&D, weapons development and infrastructure support for our operations.

Proudmoore Academy

Educating & training cadets on their path towards becoming Kul Tiras Marines, the Proudmoore Academy is staffed by Drill Instructors and Civilian experts from various fields of study in magic, military science and the natural world who add their expertise to our arsenal.

VI. About the Guild

Kul Tiras Marines was founded in 2004 by members of various Ultima Online RP guilds. We played during the pre-Vanilla beta and then on the Bleeding Hollow PvP server. We transferred to the Maelstrom RP-PvP realm the first day it launched and remained there until the second half of Legion.

KTM aims to maintain a friendly, mature and casual gaming experience free of stress and drama. We play to relax and have fun - not to treat it as a second job and we support one-another in that spirit.

We are now on Emerald Dream and are recruiting!



Q:What races do you accept?
A: All races that fought alongside the Kul Tiran Navy during the Second and Third Wars are unconditionally accepted as Marines. This includes the following:
* Humans (Normal, Kul Tiran & Worgen-cursed)
* Dwarves (all types)
* Gnomes
* Thalassian Elves (Void Elves)

Q:What about Night Elves, Draenei and Pandaren?
A: We still harbor some distrust of the Pandaren and Night Elves. Chen Stormstout assisted the Horde in killing Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore during the Third War, while the Night Elves are suspected of involvement in Lt. Alverold's expedition around Kalimdor going missing. Our distrust is mainly focused on their leadership. Having said that, Night Elves and Draenei may still join as either Proudmoore Academy Civilian staff (any class is OK) or as Boralus Intelligence Agents within the Marines if they are a stealth-capable class (druid, rogue, hunter). We only have room for one Pandaren, and only with the condition that it be a Pandaren Monk and RP a spoof of Steven Seagal's character Casey Ryback from 90's action movie franchise "Under Siege".

Q: Steven Seagal? Are you for reals?
A: Yes we're serious, this is official guild policy and it's super important!

Q Do all new members attend bootcamp? I'm a military veteran and already did bootcamp IRL!
A: Yes. Our RP'ed bootcamp is part of the process we use to not only get members to become familiar with our RP, but also to become familiar and bond with other members in the guild from an IC POV. New members joining as Marines actively participate in bootcamp as Cadets while Civilians attend bootcamp as trainees and simply observe the process, as they will be eligible to run certain bootcamp exercises as instructors upon completion of their training period.

Q You guys sound like a bunch of psychotic racists. Can't we all just get along?
A: Like most Kul Tirans, we revere the deceased Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore as a war hero and prescribe to his philosophy of building a lasting peace for Humanity and our Allies by exterminating the Orcs and dismantling the Horde. We get that RP'ing this sort of hate-mongering zeal isn't for everyone, and that's OK. The civilian staff of Proudmoore Academy may be more diverse in how they approach their personal RP, but the mission statement of the institution they serve supports the Marines' own goal of finishing the Lord Admiral's mission and putting an end to the Greenskin infestation.


Transferring to ED and Wanting a Guild
[RP] Proudmoore Academy now accepting Civilian staff!
Seeking Guild Community
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Welcome to the Dream! Oorah!

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I wish you luck and hope to see you on the field of battle! Oh and I guess I should welcome you to ED. So welcome!

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Hope you're as good at running as I remember.

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Nice concept, good luck!

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04/03/2018 07:10 AMPosted by Cephyon
I wish you luck and hope to see you on the field of battle! Oh and I guess I should welcome you to ED. So welcome!

Blood elf paladin...

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04/03/2018 07:25 AMPosted by Helladin
Hope you're as good at running as I remember.

Funny you mention that, our final Bootcamp event when we were on Maelstrom was called "The Long Jog", where we'd make the recruits run from Menethil Harbor to Booty Bay with just white/npc weapons and armor. We'd get some cooperation from Horde RPers to make sure they met with resistance along the way and make the run more interesting for them.

We're OK with running.

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Love it and Good luck!

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I noticed that my initial post was total fail due to a copy & pasting error on my part. Updated with more clarification on how our cross-faction RP works.

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Best of luck with the guild!

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We are your friends.

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You might have a hard time following in the footsteps of the infamous <Legends of Kul’Tiras>:


I may lend you the services of Commodore Hyperion Vaaxe and her vessel, the Bleeding Dawn. Welcome to ED. Only good things come from Maelstrom.

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04/03/2018 08:21 PMPosted by Charax
You might have a hard time following in the footsteps of the infamous <Legends of Kul’Tiras>:


I may lend you the services of Commodore Hyperion Vaaxe and her vessel, the Bleeding Dawn. Welcome to ED. Only good things come from Maelstrom.

Thank You Charax, I've read good things about that guild and i'm happy that we're not the only people interested in the Kul Tiras lore over here. Feel free to stop on over to our website and read up on what we're all about! I also intend on making it out to the next meet & greet so if you're there look me up.

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We will be at Thursday's Meet & Greet to answer questions! Hope to see some of you fine and/or nasty folks there.


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Kul Tiras Marine Code of Honor

A Marine must follow this Code under any circumstances brought forth to them. Every Marine must swear an oath to Kul Tiras and follow the Code prior to entering boot camp. This Code is a Marine's life, duty, and honor.

1. Protect the Homeland

The first priority of any Marine is the protection and preservation of Kul Tiras and the life of its citizens. We serve them and their lives give us meaning. If Kul Tiras falls, then there is nothing left for us to live for. For Kul Tiras!

2. Serve with Honor

Never let your actions be something that would stain the record of the Marines. The citizens of Kul Tiras are proud of their Marines and we should give them no reason to lose their faith in us. Let the Holy Light guide you.

3. No Marine is Left Behind

Whether alive or in a flag draped casket, everyone comes home to Kul Tiras. From the mostly unseen supplier to the heroic warrior, every Marine's life is weighed equally.

4. Always Be Prepared

The Marines are stationed on ships and because the speed at which the Kul Tiras fleet can respond, Marines can be shipped out at a moments notice.

5. Love the Sea

Kul Tiras can thank the sea for the great prosperity it has enjoyed over the ages. We receive many of our resources from the sea and it also serves as a natural defense. Never take the sea for granted and also be aware that it also holds many perilous dangers in its depths.

6. Always Follow Orders

The Marines are like a well oiled dwarven machine. The ability to accomplish our goals relies on our ability to execute orders. No matter what the gut feeling is, carry out orders. If it turns out to be the wrong order, the officer in charge who issued the order will be the one to take responsibility. The only acceptable time to ignore this code is if it violates the first code.

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Looks like you got something good in mind. Best wishes from a landlubber!

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04/05/2018 11:54 AMPosted by Jarleon
Looks like you got something good in mind. Best wishes from a landlubber!

Thank you for the kind words, sir. In appreciation, here's an excerpt on the Tauren from one of our bootcamp study guides: "Field Manual: Zoology"

IV. Tauren

Tauren are a native species to the plains of Mulgore and the Barrens in Kalimdor, with some slightly different variations in Northrend and the Broken Isles. Tauren are bipedal, humanoid variations of various herbivorous species of prey animals throughout Azeroth, specifically cattle (Kalimdor tauren), bison (Northrend tauren) and moose (Broken Isles tauren).

Physical Attributes:
Very lean, meaty and massively tall with thick hide and bones make Tauren formidable warriors and are often exploited by the Orcs as meat shields. Tauren have horns which vary in type depending on the continent from which a particular Tauren type is from. Most Tauren encountered by the Kul Tiras Marines will be of the Cow or Moose variety. The horns and bones of Tauren make excellent sealant paste when ground up and mixed together with Ogre or whale fat for use in ship building.

Behavioral Traits:
Herd mentality make them easily controlled and manipulated by their Orc masters. Dull intellect, but generally peaceful unless provoked or directed to attack by their Orc masters.

A very high pain tolerance makes various interrogation techniques less effective. Fortunately, due to their inability to function at a high cognitive level, Tauren are rarely entrusted with any useful intelligence so this is typically not a problem. When frightened, Tauren tend to move as a group of cattle and revert back to their bovine roots. Fire or the presence of a predatory animal can make Tauren very nervous.

Tauren make for excellent stew when out in the field or as a beast of burden to carry supplies such as the salted tauren meats. They are fairly difficult to take down though - proceed with caution and be ready for a fight!

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Thanks for speaking at the event tonight - Your guild is very intriguing and been together for long time, glad to see you all on ED

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Thank you for the invite, we had a great time and are looking forward to the next one :)

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