[A] [Jom Gabbar] <Giant Marxist Robots> | Rotating Loot Council | Monday / Wednesday night raids

Who we are and what we are looking for:

We are a group of players that came here from an Everquest classic guild to raid and pvp together. We are looking to fill out our ranks for raiding on Monday and Wednesday nights. Currently we are open for any good and friendly players to join us; we are especially in need of a few more ranged DPS and one more priest.

Loot will be distributed via a rotating loot council. Every week new members will be on the loot council for that weeks raids. We all did the hardcore thing before and are not looking to get too crazy; our expectations are to clear all classic content, meet a few more good people to game with, and have fun doing it.

For further information please reach out to Sloan in game.