[A] <Invite For Layer> | Actively Recruiting | Mon/Tues

Invite for Layer is an Alliance guild on US Westfall-PVE (Eastern) that has been together since early October 2019. We’ve been clearing Ony+MC since mid-September, and we’re top 50 US for BWL progress. Our expectation is to remain competitive for the duration of Classic.

When we raid:
-Mon starting at 8 Eastern with invites at 7:45
-Tues starting at 9 Eastern with invites at 8:45

We are actively seeking:

-1 holy pally

We will also consider exceptional players of any class or spec.

To submit an application, visit:


this guild loots corehounds

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Recruitment now open!

We’re still looking for recruits–it’s not too late to apply!

We’re still recruiting healers and a caster dps!

Bumped, still looking for a holy pally!