[A] Intrepidus | AOTC Push Guild


Intrepidus is a casual raiding guild focusing on pushing to AOTC every tier and also doing m+ outside of raids pushing KSM.

Raid Times

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Server Time Tuesday and Thursdays


We currently have many talented players on our raid team and are looking to fill a tank mage, and other dps slots to fill out a consistent 2/3/9 raid comp.


Guild was founded a few months ago. Decided to start a raid team about a month ago. In our 3rd week we got SFO N on farm, with 2 bosses down on heroic. This 4th and new season week we full cleared N CN in one night and got to H Darkvein. We plan on doing heroic progression through season 4 and moving to Dragonflight with the same goals in mind. Our core raid team consists of a small mixed bag including a few old horde friends, too, so achievements on any 3rd party sites may look off.

Don’t want to raid? This still may be a good group for you

All players are welcomed. We have several members who only log on to do PVP and m+. We are always doing m+, too. We are looking to form an RBG night as well if that’s something you’d be interested in.

What we expect from someone joining

Just be chill. We are a very laid back group and casual but we do like to come halfway prepared to raid, but not make it a second job in life.

If you are interested please contact Sòrk, Möönseeker, or Wildshöt on the Stormrage server. Or add Sorkijan#1770 on bnet.

Hi - btag sent! (Kovo)

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Bump! Looking for full time tank

Looking for warlock, DH, Paladin, and Priest. Preferably holy paladin or holy priest.