[A] <Incendia> 8/10M Recruiting! 7:30 -10:30 PM EST Tu/We

About us:
Incendia is a semi-hardcore 2-day team, with a strong focus on CE. With a history dating back to 2011. We had brought the guild back in the middle of the Nya raid tier and cruised through it, ending in 11/12M in a short time . Currently, we’re progging our way through Shadowlands content.

Tuesday 730ET to 1030ET
Wednesday 730 ET to 1030ET

With our 2-day, 6-hour schedule, we are looking for 90% attendance at least.

What we are looking for:
Our ideal candidate enjoys playing the game at a high level and striving to better themselves and their character. We are looking for players who are active outside of raid, doing relevant content such as M+, rep grinds, etc.

Current class needs:
Currently, we are in need of a knowledgeable and experienced DPS (preferably SPriest and Boomkin) and Heals (preferably Resto Shaman and Holy Paladin) of ilvl 215 or greater. While strong applications will fit these guidelines, all applicants of any class/role will be considered.

We utilize loot council for tradable loot. BoEs are sold to fund the guild bank unless it is BiS or an essential piece for continued progression. 25% of the proceeds are given to the member receiving the drop.

Application: https://forms.gle/Ti8uGcuKpr54SENb9
WOWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/stormrage/Incendia
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to:
Villast#1197 (bnet) Villast#7403 (disc)
Intricate#1752 (bnet) J :rocket:#9999 (disc)


Still on the lookout!

Sounds like Shadowlands is Soon™. Hype!

Victory in the Carapace of N’Zoth! Feelsgoodman

We’ve updated our recruitment needs. Take a look!

Updated! Looking for a healer.

On the hunt!

Need some heals!

Still in search of a mythic quality healer!

Show me the raiders!

Raiders, lend me your gears!

DKs…want em!

Mythic kills coming tonight!

Hi, DK (blood/frost) 183 current ilevel 6/10 N experience with first week on a warlock… decided I missed my DK just trying to catchup now. Applied to application, would love to chat more… BNET tag = Neochrome#11563

Need a tank!

I am not a tank, but I am a 208 ilvl Moonkin with 1/10 mythic, 7/10 heroic exp if you need any ranged dps. I submitted an application.

No more tanks, hit us with some ranged, baby.

!!! to the top!

Tuh tuh tuh toooo the top!

need s’more