[A] {In The Dark} Recruitment: Fr/Sa/Sun PM Raiding Guild

Hello forum friends! :grin:

Here at {In The Dark} we are recruiting for our 2nd Heroic 10 man teams, and our 25man teams. We are a midcore guild that loves to push content, kill bosses, but have fun while we do it! Our team has been pushing content since TBC, and we are looking forward to clearing more!

We have a full schedule that can accommodate all types of raiders! Current H10 man is 5/5 50/50, and the Heroic 25 man team is 2/5

Raid Schedule # :spiral_calendar:

Friday Evening: ICC 25 Man
Friday Night: ICC 10 Man

Saturday Evening: 25M ICC Continued
Saturday Night: 10M ICC Continued

Sunday Evening: 10M ICC- 2 groups run

Monday & Wednesday Night: ToGC/VOA for Alts/fresh 80s/gearing for ICC

Times # :alarm_clock:

Friday & Saturday Evening ICC 25: 6:30PM-9:30PM Server Time
Friday & Saturday Night ICC 10: 10:00PM-12:00AM Server Time
Sunday Evening ICC 10: 6:30PM-10:00PM Server Time
Monday & Wednesday Evening ToGC/VOA: 6:30PM-9:30PM Server Time

Loot Rules # :coin:

Main Spec > Off Spec; 2 SR’s for 25 man runs

How to Join # :100:

Message us here on the forum!
Message our guildies in game!
Message us on our official Atiesh Discord server guild recruitment post!
Message either MissMula or frontierguard18 on Discord!

We hope to see you soon as we take the fight to Ice Crown!


Looking to apply, but don’t see a link.

Any help?

Hey there! We don’t have a formal application process but you can message frontierguard18 on discord and I’ll help get you set up/answer any questions!

Bump for the most Based guild on server.

Bump for the ICC updates~