[A] *Imperium* AOTC guild is recruiting a mage, lock, and spriest. A healer with a DPS OS would be great!

Do you like dad jokes?
Do you like cat pictures?
Are you a perv that likes cards against humanity?
Want to hear tales of debauchery from our annual meetup? It was great this year!
You should come check us out!

Originally created in 2009, we are a long-standing community of players who love to … do all the things? We have something for everyone!

Accepting all casual players! We have a lot of couples in our guild so we are also very couples friendly!

Recruiting is back open!

We really need a mage, lock, and spriest.

Our current raid times are
Tues 8:45pm - 11:00pm EST
Thurs: 8:15 pm - 11:00 pm EST

We are in the early stages of forming a WotLK Classic weekend (one night) 10 man team. Our guild is over on Pagle. Alliance of course cuz isnt that where the bad players go? At least that what the 1337 GG players say lol!

We are willing to do certain Mythic fights, but since most of our player base is old Mythic Raiders who do not want “the job of playing WoW” we concentrate on having fun in Heroic.

We are currently looking for any and all players in need of a home, not just raiders!

We offer many other activities for players such as: PvP, Older content, achievements, profession farming groups, Alt raids, and Mythic +'s.
Our current shedule:
Main raid on Tues/Thurs at 8:30pm

We spend plenty of time in our Discord, (we practically live in there) and someone is usually on either playing WoW or many of the other games that we like to play together. We have members who play WoW Classic, Diablo, Overwatch, FF14, and Heroes of the Storm, and we have many who play games that will take us out of the World of Blizzcraft like Valheim, Cards Against Humanity, and much more! You might just make some RL friends here! Many of us have met each other in person. After all, they say to have fun outside of wow!

We have a friendly and helpful officer core and member base! However, if you are looking for PC or PG we may not be the group for you :wink:
If this sounds like a good fit hit me up!

Discord - Avesara#7806
Or btag Steph#1107

Hey there. I’m in the market for a new guild for some of my characters. Definitely looking for casual heroic raiding and not full time raiding mythic. I’ll keep an eye out for you online or you can reach out to me via bnet: VA1N#1703

I added your BTAG

Come join us!!

Still looking for a shadow priest!

Bump for updated recruitment!

Still looking!

Hi there! Myself and a couple returning friends are looking to rejoin imperium. We were active in guild back in warlords of draenor/legion. Please msg me if your still looking for new guild members

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Updated needs!

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Sent a discord friend request for more information when you have time.

Bump for updated needs! Need a disc priest and a ranged or two!

9/10h down

Well, I’m not ready for raiding yet but I am looking for an active guild while I finish getting caught up and do want to eventually get back into raiding even if I have to start with alt runs. I’m about to log for the night but if it’s cool I will be in touch tomorrow.

Still looking for more peeps!

Could use more ranged!

Hi there! Warlock looking to server transfer and your raid times fit my schedule! I do have 9/10 H experience in the short time I’ve been playing/raiding in SL and have raid experience dating back to Lich King days. B-Tag is Kovo#1606, I’ll be around late morning/early afternoon all weekend.

Added you to BNET

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Got it! Feel free to ping me when you see me on.