[A] Illusion 5/8H is Rebuilding

Illusion [A] 5/8H on Saurfang Realm is a friendly, family orientated guild of highly experienced veteran players whose mission statement is to clear all current, ‘Heroic mode’ content before any nerfs or new raiding content patches are applied.

We all have lives that we cherish outside of our adventures in Azeroth and our goal is to combine a healthy mixture of both. Within our ranks we have mums and dads, full time workers with busy real life schedules, job-seekers and students and more.

We offer the flexibility to get the job done in World of Warcraft, all the while having minimum impact upon our guild’s day to day lives.

We are offer a flexible Raid Team that hit its target everytime during Legion progression, firmly achieveing all AOTC’s once we made the switch from 1 day a week normal raiding to 2 days a week Heroic Progression Raiding. (BFA has been a bumpy ride with regard to player burnout)!

We only raid two nights each week, those nights being every Wednesday and Thursday.

We start our raids at 9:30pm Saurfang Server time and we generally finish at 11:30pm.

We are currently recruiting to fill a “full time” Tank spot and we’re also seeking all manner of DPS classes. We may have an openning in the future for a 4th healer but currently we are well sorted for healers as our heal pack are all long term, founding members of the guild.

If raiding and Mythic Plus Dungeons aren’t your thing or you just can’t commit the time, that’s fine, we’ve room for you too!

We welcome all scopes of players, Non-raiders, PVPers and LFR / Dungeon Heroes alike!

If you would like to apply to join our Raid Team, or to join our guild as a social member, please contact myself further on Battlenet, my battletag is Kanaris77#6157

Thanks for your time!