[A] <Illicit> [4/11M, 11/11H] Recruiting for CE Push team, 9.1!

Your Really going to like how you look!

Lets get through Korthia and Kill Sylvanus for that sweet sweet mount

No Monthly charge and free parking on Tuesdays.
Between the hours of 9 and 11

Happy hours start at 3p and go till 6p

Happy Hours are now canceled due to lack of tiny umbrellas

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Illicit raid hours are always happy hours

We are still recruiting!

Still looking for a few dps! come join the fun !!!

Still looking for good recruits ! Message Jimmiejam!

We are having a blast in Sanctum! Apply today for a chance to join in on the fun!

Come sail away with us!

I will also talk about ice cream on this one too.

Looking for talented raiders
and those that like food

Come check us out!

Lets go gamers!

Come join us ! Proging away !

Less go Gamers still looking for awesome people and great players~!

The team you wanted, and the love you needed

Come join us! great group

Come parse higher than our firemage!