[A] <Illicit> [3/11M, 11/11H] Recruiting for CE Push team!

Make this man give us lock rocks

Next thing you know, we will be asked to use them

Let’s go 9.1 recruiting!

Come on, come all! Lets go get some raiding going. :smiley:

Still looking for good recruits ! Message Jimmiejam!

Sanctum of Domination is looking to be really fun! Join us for some good times!

Apollo is always open for new friends!

So back to the important topics, like ice cream flavors.

Ben and Jerry’s: The Tonight Dough or Chunky Monkey.
Friendlies: Mint chocolate chip, toasted almond fudge, maple walnut

BTW, come raid with us!

Come fight with us1!

Come on through my babies and get it going!

Hey Jimmy, what class/spec are you in need of?

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Hey Zhii! Sorry I’m just seeing this. I’m looking mostly for dps right now, and just quality players. I’m more concerned about quality players with good mental over a specific comp. What all would you be looking to bring?

Also if its easier, feel free to hit me up in discord @ Mookaladouche#6580

Jimmie needs some blood! Help the man out would ya! Apollo needs some DPS Brothers/Sisters!

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We are still recruiting up in here

We’re still recruiting

Lets gooo team!

Lets get some prog baby!

We’re excited to make the team even stronger!

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