[A] <Illicit> [3/11M, 11/11H] Recruiting for CE Push team!

Illicit is a highly active social raiding guild seeking recruits for their CE-focused raid team. We are especially looking for CE/mythic-capable raiders.

Team Apollo :bow_and_arrow: : 3/11M, 11/11H (Mythic/CE Push Team)
:timer: RAID TIMES: Tue/Wed from 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

Raid Leader - Jimmiejam/Jayj
Discord: Mookaladouche#6580
Bnet: Mook#11893

Apollo Roster Needs:

Priority Role Spec Special Note
High Tank Open, pref Brew/Blood DK
High DPS Ranged Open to all
Medium Heals Priest/Shammy Others considered

Note: Melee spots will be competitive. Having a ranged alt is a bonus.

:small_blue_diamond: 8/10H and/or 11/11M SoFO prog w/ logs.
:small_blue_diamond: Must be able to provide successful logs in the role you are applying for.
:small_blue_diamond: Team has a minimum attendance requirement of 90%+
:small_blue_diamond: Able to meet consistently high benchmarks for a player of your class/spec.
:small_blue_diamond: Be thoroughly prepared for a new fights by:

  • Watching assigned videos on boss mechanics prior to raid time.
  • Researching your class/specs preferred talents and gear for each fight.
  • Coming to raid with the appropriate consumables.

:small_blue_diamond: All healers are required to have a mythic-capable DPS spec or alt.
:small_blue_diamond: Players will be expected to completely keep up with daily/covenant quests to ensure they are min/maxed for raid.

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