[A] <Honeyblunt> Dad guild LFM

Honeyblunt is a Dad guild (on a total Dad server - Incendius) looking for more members. We’re laid back, finishing attunements for heroics, and progressing through Kara. We are looking to fill out our 2nd Kara group and get into 25 mans ASAP. All roles welcome but we do have a surplus of hunters, priests, and druids…high needs are Shaman (dps or heals), Warrior tank, mage, and other healing classes. This guild is made of primarily of two large groups of IRL friends that all have Vanilla/TBC experience but somewhat limited time to play. Most nights we have 10-20 level 70’s on at once. Our Raids go off between 8-9PM on M/W/Sat. If you need a place to call home and chill with the bros this is the place to do it. Very friendly members, leaders, and active discord. Send in-game tell to Candylicker or do a /who Honeyblunt and ask for an invite. Hope to see some new faces! Thanks all.