[A] <Homework> Frostmourne raiding guild 2 nights/week recruiting for Shadowlands

Homework is a new guild on Frostmourne getting ready for Shadowlands!

We offer fun and flexible raiding in a welcoming group of mature and skilled players!

Our Guild:

  • Niche guild for skilled players with time constraints
  • Quality raiding on minimal hours
  • Relaxed and fun environment
  • Flexible raiding
    • no min. attendance requirements
    • play the class/spec you enjoy the most
  • Core group of returning high-end mythic raiders
  • Mainly focused on M+ outside of our raiding hours


  • 2 nights/week, 5 hours total
  • 8:00PM -10:30PM AEST, Wed/Sun


  • Currently seeking dps players, ranged or melee!
  • No off-spec requirement
  • No alt requirement
  • Social players most welcome

Outside of raiding we also enjoy M+ dungeons, achievement runs, mount collecting, and the usual guild shenanigans.

If you would like to join, or know more about us, please contact us on bnet.

  • Rainbow#13262
  • Msyu#11865

You can also find us on the in-game recruitment.


Still looking for more! Times updated.

We now have our tanks sorted (still welcome to join if you are a tank main though). Looking for more DPS players and a healer or two to round out the roster!

Pre-patch almost here and we are shaping up nicely! Still looking for more DPS players and a healer!

We are still currently looking for DPS roles! Both tanks and healers have been filled ty <3