[A] Holy/Disc Priest LF Guild

Hello fellow Whisperwinders/Dentargians!

I’m looking for a guild for my Holy/Disc priest (and possibly a couple of more casual friends and some of my alts). A bit about what I want in a new “home”…

– Raiding –
Schedule is fairly open. I can raid Sun-Thurs evenings from 7PM server until about 10PM server. I am also available Fri/Sat evenings from about 5PM to fairly late. However, I am not interested in Mythic Progression as the focus of the guild.

I want an AOTC focused group that may dip into Mythic for a few of the first bosses, but I’m not interested in the stress that comes with pure Mythic focus. I simply do not have the time required to focus on that type of raiding.

–Non Raiding–
I am looking for a “home”, not just a “raid team”. I want a friendly, welcoming type of community. I want a group of people who enjoy the game and want others to enjoy the game with them.

Some activities I enjoy would be Mytic+ runs, Achievement runs (glory for both raids and dungeons as group activities), lively guild chat, active discord, etc.

I prefer healing so I am focused on finding a team that is looking specifically for a healer. I do not mind playing DPS, but I don’t want DPS to be my primary role for raids. I enjoy DPS enough to do it sometimes (I won’t mind swapping if there are too many healers for a particular fight or something like that), but I don’t want to DPS as my normal role in raids.

For dungeons (M+ and Achieves and such), I will play any role needed.


If your guild is lively, friendly, active, and enjoys Heroic+ Raiding and doing other group activities hit me up! Looking forward to chatting with you guys!

Hello, if you are interested, feel free to contact me. You can find our recruitment post in
looking forward to hearing from you!