[A] Hodor 12/12M HoF Wed/Thu/Sun 8-11pm ST


  • DPS DH
  • WW Monk

Havoc Demon Hunters and Windwalker Monks- come at us!

DH, WW… where are you!


  • DPS DH
  • WW Monk

Still looking for a DH/Warrior/WW.
Come for the Jaina prog, stay for the fun!

Bump - looking for various DPS classes

Still after WW, Resto Shammy and other Ranged DPS

Do you love holding doors? So do we! Come join us!

Bump! Boomy/Warrior!

Bump for Mythic Stormwall Kill and 8/9M!

Also for Warrior and Boomy!

Bump - LF DPS for Jaina and beyond!

Bumpity bump bump. LF new friends.


  • Boomkin
  • Spriest
  • Warrior
  • Resto Shammy
  • MW Monk

Bump - LF more!

Mega Bump, still looking for people for Jaina!

Bump for exceptional players and incoming Jaina kill!

Bump. 9/9M BoD 4/8M TEP now looking for Mage/Demon Hunter.

Bumpo bumpo! Still looking for a Mage!

After a rogue (can play outlaw) and a fire mage

Still looking for Fire Mage and Disc Priest :smiley: