[A] <High Command> is recruiting

High Command [Loot Council, raid times Saturday and Sunday 12-4] is recruiting exceptional players interested in efficient clears and future progression content.

Current recruitment focus is Fury Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Rogue but we look forward to hearing from any interested players. We have potential openings in both raids, based upon performance.

What are our goals?

We strive to be a fun, but serious, guild working to clear content in a timely manner. We are a top guild on the server, competing for fastest clear times and world bosses. We plan to clear all content shortly after its release. We have active PvP groups and several members r14 or on the way. You can choose to join in a PvP only capacity. Generally PvP and smaller raids will be formed on weekdays, and outside of normal raiding hours.

What are our expectations?

We have high expectations for recruits and are looking for players who will put in the preparation themselves ahead of raid and be ready for and knowledgeable about all upcoming encounters and their role, while also being able to maintain a positive attitude and deal with stressful situations well.

What is our experience?

We have a strong core of knowledgeable and skilled players who allow the guild and raids to run smoothly. Our officers have experience with all vanilla content, and our raid leader has previously lead a guild to success in Naxx, downing Kel’Thuzad before TBC was released. We have multiple highly skilled players who have recently cleared Naxx on private servers. We currently hold fastest server phase 2 MC clear, as well as realm first MC clear.

Feel free to contact me (Lawlnonymous#6058) if you have any further questions.