A hidden in plain sight gem in the Grimiore

In the chapter about Revendreth, The broker talks about the Court of Harvesters and their medallions. His observation is each minor leader in the Court was given a medallion from Denathrius to ensure loyalty and obedience.

Sounds like a micro version of the Eternal Ones getting their sigils: To ensure loyalty and obedience to the “Purpose”.


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I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that all the covenants have something similar.

The medallions were already known about since the initial Revendreth questline. But I mean… yeah. They’re a thing that symbolizes a thing.


Maybe but it’s not altogether that special. It’s just administration I’d argue - he can’t run the whole place himself so he delegates his responsibilities to a series of lieutenants. Denathrius has the Court of Harvesters, his own lieutenants with specific responsibilities, but he’s not alone in that.

The Archon has the Paragons.

The Primus, in theory, had the Margraves.

The Winter Queen’s rule seems more absolute, but even she has key advisors and guards.

Point is I don’t think the discovery about Denathrius’ medallion allocation is anything special - no more so than the appointing of the Paragons or Margraves, at any rate.

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The Medallion alone were enough to forge the Sigil so the Sigils themselves would be enough to reforge the Arbiter’s Sigil one would think…

Paragons, like everyone else, had their memories drain to keep them in line much like how the medallions made the harvesters obedient to Denathrius.

The margraves are absolutely unruly and dysfunctional. They have their freedom to mutiny or fall in line. As the only line of defense for all of the Shadowlands, Necrolords are trash.

Winter Queen runs her forest as a ruler that has a velvet glove over her iron hand. Ruthless. She even made her subjects kill themselves by disguising themselves from Sylvanas.

I Just think that if the sigils were one day given to them out of the blue then the revendreth medallions could be micro version of it. To bind the EOs like the Harvesters to some greater being or “Purpose”.

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Renethal, The Curator and The Accuser says otherwise. Denathrius could see through the medallions (which is why he knew about Renethals first rebellion attempt) but he can’t exert his will on those who wear them. That is why he needed our help to get the medallion of pride from the accuser by aiding Lord Chamberlain (who was given Renethals medallion).

Hence why if Mortals did not intervene, Denathrius would have won this second rebellion attempt.

Denathrius seems like a person who revel in the torment of lesser beings…To suggest that everything didn’t go according to Denathrius’ plan is laughable.

Shoot, he even had the dreadlord pullout plan in case he was ever actually deposed. Renethal is a leader of nothing…even if he thinks he won.