[A] [Herod] <bread> T/W/Su 7-11PM EST | Hardcore TBC Guild

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday
7:00pm - 11:00pm EST

About Us

Our leadership is composed of Classic WoW veterans that have fully cleared all content and raided competitively in Classic WoW. We are looking for dedicated hardcore players that share a competitive mindset heading into TBC.

Loot system:

We will utilize a fair, fully transparent loot council system based off of objective metrics such as attendance, raid-wide benefit, performance, and actively playing the game outside of raids. Loot during split raids will be funneled to mains to maximize gear for speedruns.


  • Dedication towards pushing for world rankings, both in progression and speed.
  • Commitment to your characters. You are expected to maintain two raid ready characters for split raids and keep up with the current meta for both.
  • Always come to raids on time and prepared with full consumables, gear repaired, etc.
  • Gold buying, botting, or cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • New and returning players with the right attitude are welcome, and will be helped as we prepare for TBC’s launch.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Hunter: Low
Mage: High
Warlock: Low

We are also recruiting exceptional players of any class.

Contact Info

To get in contact with us, leave a reply here or add one of us Battlenet:

Alternatively, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/nsEfy2cGQs


Best of luck to you. This sounds exactly like what I’m looking for (currently horde on Herod and 15/15), but no guilds are going to want a holy paladin since there’s already 8 billion.

That’s my planned main for TBC. Thanks for triggering my anxiety!

(jk, good luck to you all).

If you’re planning on going Horde for TBC, I think you’ll have better luck with being a Holy Paladin since they’ll all have to start at level 1.

Good luck to you.

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I’m open to horde and alliance. Now that we’re 15/15 horde there’s not much to do.

BREAD BREAD ! BREAD BREAD ! yes this is a complete sentence

Anyone else keep their Tough Hunk of Bread since level 1?

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It is nestled deep within the chasms of my bank vault. Not since level two has it seen the light of the sun, nor the gleam of the moons. There, under pressure, time, and weight, it hardens. One day, the crust will transform and become as stone, then the stone unto steel. On that day, tempered and reforged, shall I withdraw my Battlebread and smite my enemies with the unrelenting crust of vengeance.

That is a wonderful story.


Elf bread is wonderfully nutritious.

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Still looking for raiders and/or lovers of bread.

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Still looking.

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Still looking, of course.

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Also feel free to message me on discord for any further questions. Veramos#6222

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Any gamers in chat?

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Still recruiting.

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Calling all gamers.

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Still recruiting.

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Still looking for more.

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gluten free bump