[A] <Heck> 8/9M 6xCE Raiding Guild, 8-11PM, Recruiting for 10.2 - LF DPS

8/9M CE Raiding Guild, Wed - Thur - Mon, 8-11PM ST, Recruiting DPS

5/8M - EP
12/12M - Nylotha
10/10M - Nathria
10/10M - Sanctum
11/11M - Sepulcher - Famed
8/8M - Vault
9/9M - Aberrus
8/9M - Big Tree


  • Warrior - For Fyrakk
  • Ret Pal - Maybe for Fyrakk
  • Maybe Warlock
  • DPS Trials

All Skilled applicants considered

Msg. Bnet

  • Ziggy#1271
  • Godofrice#11188

This doesn’t get checked much, if you would like to make an application please use the Bnet Tags above.

FYI - We are not advertising Sales, they are scamaz.

Bump! We’re still looking for some awesome DPS and heals!

Bump! We’ve got M Shad down now! Still looking for some awesome DPS and a H Pal! :slight_smile:

Are there any rogue spots going :P?

CE hpala LF home - keen to have a chat

Bump! Prog on hivemind is going great! Still in need of a HPal and some awesome DPS to get CE this tier!

Bump! We’ve got hivemind down! Onto Xanesh prog we go! We still need a few more spots to be filled. We’ve now added an additional day for prog which is the Monday same raid times! :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking for dedicated raiders! We’ve made some decent prog on Xanesh!

Hi I am interested to get back into the raiding scene just dinged 120, used to raid back in wotlk, cata and legion as a DK but now got a 120 mage, levelling up at warrior at 85 and a DK again for nostalgia.

I am based in Singapore so I’m hoping I can meet the timings? Are you all based in Aus?

BUMP! Got Xanesh down! Time for Vexiona prog! Still looking for DPS and Healers!

Would you guys have a spot for a 474 WW monk with a 465 BM Hunter I’m quickly getting up to par? Also have a HPal thats 465. I have 4/12m exp so might be a little behind

BUMP! Vex and Ra-den go down! We’re still looking for players listed within the original post!

BUMP! Drest and Illgy go down! Onto Carapace prog! Still need some more awesome players! :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump

Bump! Mythic Nzoth prog going well! Need more amazing people!

Still looking for solid applicants

Hi There,

Shame not an immunity class

hey guys/girls
473 Hpal looking for mythic raiding guild. I have just come back from a 2 year break. but im an x 2.3k xp pvper and mythic TOS raider. I’m currently 4/12 mythic and looking to progs further. available any night. looking to M+ on my down time. if you have any further questions hit me up

Ash<3#7924 (discord)

Bumping, please read the updated original post.

Bump! Nzoth goes down! Ez Pz! We’re still looking for people to join us for Shadowlands and beyond!