[A] <Heck> 7/11, CE Frostmourne, 8-11PM, Recruiting for 9.2

7/11M CE Raiding guild last 3 tiers now, Wed - Thur - Mon, Recruiting 9.2 and beyond. Looking for dedicated strong raiders to join us in the push.

LF Healer

  • Any (Prio on H Priest) - No Mistys

DPS/Healer Hybrid

  • Any

All Skilled applicants considered

Msg. Bnet

  • Ziggy#1271
  • Godofrice#11188
  • Arctic#6761 - Healer Officer

This doesn’t get checked much, if you would like to make an application please use the Bnet Tags above.

Bump! We’re still looking for some awesome DPS and heals!

Bump! We’ve got M Shad down now! Still looking for some awesome DPS and a H Pal! :slight_smile:

Are there any rogue spots going :P?

CE hpala LF home - keen to have a chat

Bump! Prog on hivemind is going great! Still in need of a HPal and some awesome DPS to get CE this tier!

Bump! We’ve got hivemind down! Onto Xanesh prog we go! We still need a few more spots to be filled. We’ve now added an additional day for prog which is the Monday same raid times! :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking for dedicated raiders! We’ve made some decent prog on Xanesh!

Hi I am interested to get back into the raiding scene just dinged 120, used to raid back in wotlk, cata and legion as a DK but now got a 120 mage, levelling up at warrior at 85 and a DK again for nostalgia.

I am based in Singapore so I’m hoping I can meet the timings? Are you all based in Aus?

BUMP! Got Xanesh down! Time for Vexiona prog! Still looking for DPS and Healers!

Would you guys have a spot for a 474 WW monk with a 465 BM Hunter I’m quickly getting up to par? Also have a HPal thats 465. I have 4/12m exp so might be a little behind

BUMP! Vex and Ra-den go down! We’re still looking for players listed within the original post!

BUMP! Drest and Illgy go down! Onto Carapace prog! Still need some more awesome players! :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump

Bump! Mythic Nzoth prog going well! Need more amazing people!

Still looking for solid applicants

Hi There,

Shame not an immunity class

hey guys/girls
473 Hpal looking for mythic raiding guild. I have just come back from a 2 year break. but im an x 2.3k xp pvper and mythic TOS raider. I’m currently 4/12 mythic and looking to progs further. available any night. looking to M+ on my down time. if you have any further questions hit me up

Ash<3#7924 (discord)

Bumping, please read the updated original post.

Bump! Nzoth goes down! Ez Pz! We’re still looking for people to join us for Shadowlands and beyond!