[A] Heartseeker <Valyria> is Recruiting!

Region: NA EST
Faction: Alliance
Raid Schedule: Fri - Sat - Sun | Evenings & More depending on Availability
Seeking: Shamans!!, Hunters, Mages, Rogues, Prot/Ret Palladin(s), DPS Warrior(s). Feel free to apply. All are welcome.

Who we are:

  • Laid back, no drama guild looking for more laid back players to join us for raids and other events.
  • We won’t waste your time with “gear checks” or “loot reservations”.
  • Committed to clearing content
  • Guild website and other info can be found on Discord in the general channel (see below).

What to expect:

  • We’re targeting Kara in July and Gruuls/Mags as our roster grows.
  • Our raids are built around player availability. So, don’t worry about having to take PTO to keep up. We will do our best to include you when it’s mutually convenient.
  • Come relive your gaming glory days with us, or forge them anew!

How to join:

  • Reach out to any Valyria member for questions and/or an invite.
  • Join our Discord server: RY8kZkc4qC (post your character name in the general channel).