[A] Heals LF casual Mythic+ team for weekly keys and KSM

MW Main & Resto Druid alt LF weekly keys for great vault and KSM.

Currently doing 10-12s and working up to 15s and beyond. Goal is KSM and possible long-term goal of timing 20s for the achievement. Nothing hardcore.

I refuse to stress out and/or rage about keys. Looking for similar mindset in others.

Mainly available on the weekends!

For more information & contact info, visit: www.kaelani.me

Still looking!

Hi Kaelie! Our Community runs Mythic+ keys 10-15 on Wednesdays at 8p EDT and on Thursdays 8p EDT the groups are organized with a focus on KSM. Mondays are baby keys (2-9) for those of us who are super, ultra, comfy couch casual. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Take a look at my Community recruitment thread and see if we are right for you! Thanks!

Still looking!