[A] <Hardcore Casuals> Weekend Morning Raids

We are Westfall’s premier weekend morning raid team! All levels and playstyles are welcome for casual content throughout the week as well. Feel free to PM any online member for quick questions!

Raid Times

  • Saturday | 9am - 12pm ST/EST
  • Sunday | 9am - 12pm ST/EST

Please complete a raider application @ forms.gle/Jp3Bn25gUnuGye7V8 (shortened google form link) and we will be in touch with you or whisper Panya (Discord - Panya#7589) in game for more information.

See you in game!


I would recommend this guild to those looking to start raiding soon. I did a DM stealth run with Pan recently and found him/ her to be a very smart and patient player.


Come join our Weekend raids! We are friendly, fun, and nice.

Raids start soon! We would love to have more members! I am always willing to help those in need.

Hey, ingame name Soulreign, will be sending you some mail. Also added you on bnet.

I was actually coming here to post that I’m making a morning raiding guild myself, because I didnt know any existed. Seeing this now - over the last 2 days I’ve found quite a few people who were interested in making a morning raiding guild. I’m gonna see if they would just want to follow me and join your guild!

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I shot you a reply and notified the team. Be in touch soon! =)

I was in thick skinned and see the guild has merged. I see the raids are early weekends and just wanted to check what kind of attendance policy you have. With it being weekends there may be some when I need to take care of family events. Thanks.

Hi Alexandrina,

For raiders, we have two (2) ranks: Hardcore and Casual.

  • Hardcore raiders we expect to be at each raid with notice given in advance if they cannot attend (>80% attendance).
  • Casual raiders we do not expect them to be at each raid; expectations for casual raiders are that they are okay if they login and there isn’t room for them.

For our raid roster, we are aiming for ~30 hardcore raiders with 10+ casual ranked raiders for reference so there will always be room for folks.

Hope this helps!

This guild is a great community and the raid is making huge improvements week over week, while I don’t speak for the leadership I do believe the raid team is close to being filled.

Personally I have truly enjoyed my time playing with anyone in the guild, I have helped runs and been helped with my set up to improve my gameplay.

I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving and black Friday, have a safe holiday and trip.

In the azeroth front this guild is in need of a few more mages, holy paladins and other strong raiders looking to have fun and progress in MC (8/10) and get that dragon head (ony 1/1).

Very good group of guys, I enjoy this guild and community alot.

Looking for more again =)

Bump for an awesome guild!

Panya and company have been trying hard to get more members, why not come join the club if times work for you.

Good news, we are 6/8 this week (could have gone farther but we made Thunder Fury!)

Still looking for more, this is a wonder time for those who have a life and cannot commit to evening raids, the class leads are very helpful and all around everyone is a great person.

I took a break shortly after game launched. And now just got back into it and looking for a weekend raiding guild and y’all are perfect. Are u looking for a hunter in pre-bis with a strong desire to progress?