(A) Group LF new guild or merger

(A) Couple Geared priest, warrior tank, bear, few rogues, few mages looking for new guild/merge. Possibly more to follow. Some flexible availability looking between Tues/Thurs/Friday 6ST to 11ST. Have been running pug 8/8 Bwl since a lot of core raiders took hiatus. Want to be in a competent and consistent group.

We raid Sunday Monday, if interested hit up hoss

Isn’t Whitemane currently facing 2-4 hour daily queues to login? Why would this server currently be an option to transfer to for you guys?

They’re already here and have been since release afaik.

We may be able to receive that influx for the evening team but would need to know exact counts. Message me on discord to chat about it RedDog#0332

Ahh yes, right right. I read that completely wrong. slowly backs out of thread

Hi there,

Not sure if you found what you are looking for but I’m posting just in case you are still looking. I’ve lead a guild for the last 11 yrs. We switched to classic at launch. We’ve cleared all content so far. We’re semi-hardcore and I say that sparingly because we like having fun. Hmu in game if you’d like to chat more.