[A-Grobbulus] [TBC] Pre-Nerf 10/10 Amethyst | Weekend Late Night Team |

Amethyst prides itself on being a strictly two night weekend raid team that does not add any extra days. We currently are looking for raid ready raiders for t5 farm for preparation into t6. Below is further information on our raid times and expectations.

Raid Times/Days:: (2 Day Late Night) Friday/Saturday 9:30 PM PST to 12:30 AM PST
Loot Type: : Loot Council with 70upgrades as reference and loot history based.

Current Progression:
6/6 SSC 4/4 TK

Current recruitment needs:
1 elemental shaman - WE WILL GEAR YOU.
1 Holy Paladin (HIGH DEMAND)
2 warlocks
2 hunters

Any strong Range dps are encouraged to apply.

Apply To us through discord or by the following:

Discord : discord.gg/afterdarkguild

Recruitment Contacts:
Vonbagins#1400 (discord) ACE#19724 (b.net)

excade#3826 (discord)

Wowprogress: [https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/497650/ ]

Big need for a balance druid

Looking for any Strong DPS Players, with a preference for Hunter, Warlock, Boomkin.

Still looking for a big earner balance druid,

Bumb for 10/10. Still Looking for a Big Warlock and Boomkin

Still looking for the BIG GAMER range dps

Looking for an immediate Warlock gamer. Big Loot if you pump.

Fast rekills every week! Really looking for a warlock or two.

updated recruitments. Really need some hunter apps.

Hi. Hunters. We want you now.

Still looking for some SOLID range dps classes. Progressions spot are open.

immediate opening for a Balance druid!

Happy Holidays. We wish for some good range dps for Christmas. Specifically a balance druid and warlocks.

Immediate opening for a HPAL progression spot for Phase 3 content.

Still looking for a GAMER Hpaladin

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Names krixs on grobbulus . Alliance holy paladin. Have cleared all content and interested in the friday/Saturday team

still looking for GAMER range dps and healers.

Still looking for that GAMER Elemental Shaman.

Ele Shaman stilled needed. Come come.

Still looking for a GAMER Elemental shaman and Balance druid.