[A - Grobbulus] <Rock Bottom> 5/6 SWP Sun/Mon 6p-9pm (PST) LF Raiders | Chill Prog Raiding & WoTLK Recruitment

[Rock Bottom] | Alliance - Grobbulus (PST) | 5/6 SWP

About Us: Have you been looking to raid with a relaxed, fun, and supportive guild? Do you like sh*tposting, memes and buckling down when it matters most? Then Rock Bottom could be for you!

Rock Bottom is looking to continue raiding now and into WoTLK while building new long lasting friendships and enjoying raid progression. Our core is tight knit, friendly and looking for great players to help us in optimizing our raid roster, as well as planting the seeds for a successful run together in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

We are a diverse group of players who thrive in an environment focused on building up our guild members, while working to progress through the content in a chill environment. Most of us have played WoW on and off thru the years and look to re-create the old school feeling of what a guild used to be about… taking care of your guildmates and enjoying the game to the fullest. For example, thanks to the generous farming efforts of our members, we’re able to provide flasks, food, and weapon oil to all members of our raid team during progression nights. The guild bank is also happy to help you profession materials – all you have to do is ask.

This is a place where you’ll get out of the game what you put into the game, and you’ll meet some cool and competent people along the way. If you’re looking to forge long lasting friendships and find a stable guild to grow in, we want you!

Raid Schedule:
Progression Raids: Sunday & Monday | 6pm - 9pm PST
Tuesday raids are also hosted 6-9pm - for BT


Progression Team: Loot council system with support/tracking from RCLoot Council Classic Addon. Our council is diverse and ensures that hard working, consistent raiders are rewarded for their time - while being mindful of what’s needed where for overall raid progression, while still working to take care of everyone else! This is subject to change in Wrath.

What’s expected of raiders:

  • Overall raid readiness and preparation, Research into your class and understanding the fundamentals of your rotation, best in slot equipment choices, overall gemming/enchanting weights, etc.

  • Team players who are open to feedback and improve upon possible opportunities, have a positive, motivated mindset and enjoy raiding while focused on the long term picture

What you can expect from us:

  • Organized raid sign ups, detailed, relaxed raid leading with structured assignments and call outs (seriously our raid leader is the chillest person, ever)
  • An environment respectful of your real life commitments and life outside the game - what we ask is that you communicate in advance when needed
  • A tight-knit guild that takes care of each other. While we aren’t speed clearers - we don’t lose sight of the biggest goal - having fun with the homies, making the best use of our time as a group and helping each other out in any way that we can. We have no tolerance for toxicity - we want all our members to feel welcome, valued and comfortable within RB.
  • MEMES and fun. Sarcasm galore. If you’re easily offended, we may not be for you.

Currently Recruiting:

Exceptional Bench Raiders for SWP, spots do open more often than not**
Second Raid Leader for our second new raid team in WOTLK
Prepatch raiding considerations and those looking to find a spot on our Wrath rosters
Those leveling currently seriously and planning to enjoy Wrath

Exceptional players of any class/spec are always considered and we encourage you to reach out if we sound like a good fit for you! We have had many players grow into a full time progression spot with a little bit of patience and hard work.

How can I get more information and get in touch?
If you’re interested in getting more information and having a conversation, get at me on Discord.

You can message me on Discord at ambiti0n#3823 (Crixwind in-game)

Bump. Looking for solid fun raiders!

To the top. Looking for our next Prot Warrior, Shadow Priest, and Warlocks! All other talent is welcome to reach out (Rogues and Mage pretty full)

Now looking for a dedicated SPriest and a Warlock or two to pause recruitment for our prog team, all other spots open for our SSC/TK/optional raids and those working to join our main prog raids!

Bump up! We’re looking for our next raiders who want a long term home. Alts and players catching up to earn a 25 man spot for Hyjal/BT are absolutely welcome as well!

Happy weekend! Get at me on Discord to talk more - ambiti0n#3823

We are in need of immediate openings for our raid days and opening up spots for Hyjal/BT!

Anyone looking to do SSC/TK and older raids? We are a great place to hang out in and will have openings for older content as a way to catch up your gear and earn a spot in the Hyjal/BT Teams. Get at me for more info or check our discord at https://discord.gg/KfQM8yar and reach out to Crix!

Bump up. Looking for solid fun people to join our ranks, with room in our older content raids and possibility of quick moving up to prog raiding

Bump up, now looking for a consistent Arms Warrior for progression raiding!

Getting ready to storm into Black Temple this week after taking care of business in Hyjal! Our roster would greatly benefit from a Holy Priest, Warlock, and Restoration Shaman. Come secure a spot and have a blast while raiding!

Interested in a warrior? Could play arms or fury.

Thanks for your interest Raw, though we currently have our two warrior spots filled! Would be happy to look at any ranged DPS though!

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Now looking for an additional Elemental Shaman!

Still looking for a holy priest?

Yes we are. Also, we have an immediate opening for our Black Temple raid if anyone isn’t locked and wants to tag along as a trial / new member.

We are looking for H Priest, Warlocks, R/E Shamans, and exceptional Ranged DPS.

Get at me!

Our raid team is moving in a great direction for the phase and need a few more quality players to help us ensure we can get Illidan on farm ASAP. Where the chill gamers at?

Happy Taco Tuesday ya’ll.
Still on the hunt for a

  • Resto Shaman & Elemental Shaman

  • Exceptional H/D Priest

  • Affliction Warlock

Get in touch with me, get in Black Temple and meme with us!

Bump up. We need solid raiders!

Update to reflect 12/14. Council should be down soon, and marching into Illidan for some Hunter Glaives! Looking for our next parts to our progression roster. Join the party.

Updates 5/27:
Recruitment open for our progression team in Sunwell. In need of a Holy Priest/Shadow Priest for the new upcoming reset.

A secondary progression team for BT/Hyjal is forming to eventually step into SWP, and are fielding all candidates for our new raid team.

Get at us!