[A] Grobbulus <Cleave> Sun & Mon 7pm to 11pm

14/14 Hyjal and Black Temple - Week 1 clear

Two raid clears per week on Sunday and Monday

About Us:
We are a group of like minded players that enjoy competitive game play. Our goal is to provide a toxic free environment that holds players accountable for their actions, while maintaining a positive and fun atmosphere.

Mistakes can happen, and under-performing players will be given chances to correct and improve their play, but repeated mistakes will not be tolerated.

Our goal is to work on speed runs for TBC content and achieve a world top 100 rank and US top 50 rank for clear time in each of the raid phases.

Raid Schedule:
Main Raid: (Mandatory)
Sunday/Monday - 7:00PM-11:00PM Server Time

Looking For:
1 Mage (strong need)
1 Holy Paladin (strong need)
1 Enhancement Shaman (strong need)
1 Shadow Priest
1 Warlock
1 Elemental Shaman

We will also consider any class and spec as long as the player can play at a high level.

We use a player-driven loot distribution system. Each class gets together (prior to a new phase) and decides which order the items are distributed to each of the players of that class. When a new phase begins, all players will then know exactly where they are on the loot list. Main raiders are prioritized over alts and socials.

Raider Expectations:
• Must display a good attitude in and out of guild activity.
• On progression raids - Having consumables, best enchants, threat and boss mod addons.
• Mains must have raid beneficial professions (no mining or herbalism for example)
• Players who have a high quality working microphone and are able to speak and communicate over Discord.
• Players with a stable internet connection and computer hardware.
• 90% raid attendance required.

Please visit our discord at 1. https://discord.gg/M3FwMbXXPb for more information or to contact a recruiting officer. Cheers!

Come join cleave! Also looking for a Holy Paladin!

I love you. Yes, you. You reading our lovely post. You are welcome and valuable.

I want you to destroy me with your phat dps.


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no tenchar

Come join Cleave!

night 1 ssc great success! I like!

do you like sugary snacks? You’d be in great company here! We love sweets!
do you pass on the sugary snacks? We would LOVE to have you! more snacks and you get first dibs on non sugar snack snacks :slight_smile:

Here at Cleave, we cleave. Chop it up. Dubble gets it.

Yo, this guild is LIT!!! I pugged one deadmines with the GM and this brah was a GOD. He pulled the entire instance… that’s right EVERY enemy in the zone… in a single pull as a 70. I have never seen that before. In fact, I have never even seen a 70 attempt that place.

The boiz from Westfall were impressed to say the least.

You know, our GM has 3 warriors. THREE! Thats how you know he’s serious about tanking, being the best f***ing warrior there is, and embracing the maniacal undertones of an otherwise healthy sense of self.

Gotta keep the Defias Brotherhood on their toes so 3 warriors makes sense.

By the way I dance naked in Stormwind and frequently catch the Innkeeper looking my direction. It’s been lonely on Fairbanks but sometimes when I glance over and catch Allison’s gaze, for that fraction of a second when our eyes meet just before she looks away shyly I’m grateful to not have to change pants.

Even the legendary knight wielding the Firelord’s mace living selflessly out of a traveling cart outside the city weapon master’s dwelling has fled this desolate realm.

This guild is really good. Join them if you’d like to casually clear content with no problems. Great environment for those not wanting hardcore leadership/playstyle but still accomplish everything relevant each lockout. Reminds me of streamer guilds where people just play and things die.

also, we’ll be speed running before you know it. :slight_smile:

Allison did it again and I’m out of moist towelettes ;(

Allison? ALLISON!? How dare she.

VASHJ DOWN! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

is complete esntance

PTR BT full cleared. Locked and loaded for next phase

Week 1 clear for Hyjal and Black Temple. One shot Council and Illidan.

Need a full time mage.

Recruiting one or two more for our second Black Temple raid. Sunday and Monday raids. 7pm server time.

Seems the Discord invite link is broken. I’m interested in chatting with you guys