[A] <GreyShields> [12/12N] [9/12 H] Recruiting Healers for Heroic Progression final push

“It’s already begun…”

N’zoth has come at long last, the world has been thrown into chaos by the whispers of the Old one…

But as the world flee’s from the coming darkness, the Greyshields march into Nyalotha to cleanse the world of the Old God’s corruption once and for all!

There will be deaths, there will be wipes…But most important of all, there will be Twilight dragons for all willing to slay the old god!


As most of us have already gone through the gearing process, we ask of you to be of 445+ for when we step into Nyalotha, if you are not at this item level for when we begin, I will help you get the gear needed. Along with having the Legendary cloak, as this is required to face N’zoth himself.

Another thing that is required is a knowledge of your class/Abilities, if you do not understand how to play your class, I can sit down with you help you learn your rotation?

What's the End-Goal in mind?

Void dragon, and possibly the space worm. But Void dragon will be priority. The end-goal in mind is to slay heroic Nzoth and get the reward for everyone!

I wish to stay with my guild, but still want to do this!

And it’s perfectly fine! We of the Greyshields do not need you to join our guild to do the raid with us, we only ask that you join our Discord for raiding.

What time?

Monday/Thursday, 7:00 PM Server time-10:00 Server time. Enough time in between to give players a chance to breath/gear up more if a block occurs.

What roles are you looking for?

Primarily, we are looking for more DPS to go alongside our healers. We currently have a group of 11 and growing! Our first raid night will be Thursday the 13th on Normal difficulty and then will push heroic once we’ve either killed normal nzoth, or are ready to do so.

Will this group still exist after heroic Nzoth dies?

Of course! There’s still plenty of things to do after Nzoth dies, so we’ll be going for things such as Achievements andother content.

But Heroic Nzoth is the main goal, and I hope to see everyone get the mount.

With that said, you can contact me in two ways.

Discord: Sig#8157

Battle.net: CHRIS#1722

With that said, good luck to you all, and I hope to see us all bring down a god!


Edit: we are now starting our first week of raiding tonight, for those of you interested still, we are currently looking for DPS among our ranks preferably melee but I can make anything work.

Our first week has passed and managed to bring down 6 bosses relatively quickly, while also pushing to kill wrathion heroic. So our progression has been going really well!

Edit: We have now downed all bosses but Nzoth on normal! Our raid group is showing much promise and are currently at Phase 3 of Nzoths fight. We look forward in raiding on our next night!

Are you guys in need of a boomy by chance?

We could always use a boomy! Currently the status is that we’re looking for a full time DPS AKA, can make it both days And a backup healer just in case. But if you want to discuss more, hit me up via in-game with b-tag, or on discord.

Update: We are currently looking for 1/2 fulltime healers for Nyalotha.

Whelp! We killed N’zoth tonight! Happy people all around!

Currently have 3 of the heroic bosses down to science with wrathion/Prophet Skitra being 2 attempts. We’re looking to push Shad’har, dres, and hivemind here soon.

Bump! These peeps are very nice peeps!


A: Aw thanks!

B: We’ve down shad’har, and are intending to push harder on monday, i’ll keep these post updated as we go deeper!

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Edit: Currently downed 6 heroic bosses in 1 night now! We’re going to be moving onto Xanesh, vexiona, ra-den, and Ilgynoth here soon!

Edit: Ra-den and Xanesh are down to town! Currently looking for a fulltime healer/Melee!

Edit: On the final push with ilg, carapace, and N’zoth. Currently looking for healers now and will be good to go.