A green dragon and a night elf leader's fates in 10.0 Dragonflight (Major spoiler)

I think you can, and actually save money, if you unsub lmao.

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Forget winning, they can’t even survive.

I don’t mind Malfurion being gone…heck, he’s been gone from the lore for years, he only shows up to be an occasional Mcguffin for whatever plot is happening for a bit and then he goes back to his tornado in Darkshore.

I don’t get…why the Night Elves have to lose another thing though? Bullied out of Ashenvale, bullied out of Darkshore, Teldrassil being burned, Tyrande going the tried and true ‘crazy woman’ arc that the writers love and Malfurion (Allegedly) dying for a sociopathic goddess that had this really neat plan to send the souls of not just her people, but the Gilneans to the Shadowlands?

And I’m calling it now! Tyrande is going to end up being a dungeon boss. Raid boss if she’s lucky. And unlike Sylvanas, she will actually get off’d.

I’d give you Night Elves a free ice cream if I see you! You all deserve at least that.

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I don’t like it.

As a general rule; I hate it when characters return from Death. Death is supposed to be absolute, It’s only acceptable when the Undead are involved because there’s a duality between Morals & Monsters that makes for a good read.

I was hoping to see more of Malfurion after his energetic return to the forefront in BFA. but alas, it’s just more subverted expectations.

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I’m of two minds of it myself! On one, resurrection is a power that is part of the world. It can be used to make some interesting stories!

Unfortunately the writing tends to use it as nostalgia bait, which is about every single throwback character in Shadowlands. Similar to how the third Star Wars trilogy did throwbacks, just to get you to go, “I know who or what that is!”

Can be done well, just…isn’t, often enough.

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I mean… can you blame him?

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Remind of meme back at Cata where Tyrande always complaining that he’s going to emerald dream with Yesra and see Malfurion fly away. Then Varian came along and said this to Tyrande as he put his sunglasses on, “I guess you can say that they’re sleeping together!”

Heh. Heh. Hahahahahahaha!

If a guy takes a thousand year nap just to get away from his wife’s nagging… there might be some issues in that relationship.

“Malfurion, take out the trash! Malfurion, do the dishes! Malfurion, stop staring at the dryads!”

“Forget this. I’mma nap.”

I mean, if I had to deal with Tyrande, I would nap as much as I could and bail at the first chance I could get. Can we really blame Malfurion?

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In what universe is a group complaining about marketed genocide and trauma wank comparable to “the race I want isn’t playable”?

Sit down, and go ask for what you want in a different space, because this will never be it.



You can make them in game now. Just not hulk style bodies. Cross your fingers.
Off topic, anyway. What’s being implied in the files right now is bad news, on top of bad news, on top of bad news.

The universe in which all of the above events are fictional, in a video game, honestly.

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It seems like this has always been an issue. Metzen seemed to earnestly WANT him to matter when he returned: he said him finally returning from the Dream was exciting to him for this reason, YEARS AGO, because he was his favorite character. But we’ve also come to know, the early devs around him didn’t seem to understand Kaldorei or their appeal. And so, very likely, he’s always simply been pushed to the side as a result of that.

The best evidence of that to me? Knaak may have made him WAAAY stronger than he was before. But his significance was actually not exclusively set up by Knaak: even Christie Golden’s writing set up how significant he was meant to be in the future, as Ner’zhul-Arthas saw a vision of him at the end of the Arthas novel.

“Green—all was green, shadowy and nightmarish, grotesque images dancing at the corner of Arthas’s mind only to dart away before they could be firmly grasped. There was a brief glimpse, gone now—antlers? A deer? A man? It was hard to tell. Hope hung about the figure, but there were forces bent on destroying it….”

Essentially in reference to how, more than really any other entity in Azeroth’s history, Malfurion was a constant target of the Old Gods. As if his presence was something they earnestly were worried about dealing with if he was alive after they were freed. But come 8.3… where was he? Nowhere to be found.

After the Nightmare side of Legion, Malfurion’s absence is also extremely noticeable if you consider that he was the Anti-Burning Legion character in wc3. In fact, he is likely one of the only beings on Azeroth to taunt Sargeras and show him the defiance of Azeroth PERSONALLY. Something you’d think an entity as egotistical as Sargeras would remember, ESPECIALLY after Malfurion thwarted one of his greatest two generals most recent invasion of Azeroth by outsmarting Archimonde.

And, while I stand FIRMLY by the fact that Ardenweald SHOULD NOT EXIST and is a retcon upon the prior Emerald Dream lore that had been consistent since 2004 all the way to 8.1, his complete absence in Shadowlands or the story there is also INCREDIBLY NOTICEABLE.

On a much minor level, you can even look at MoP. The Pandarens ideals they tried to impart on the Highborne, are something the Kaldorei embrace in their own way in the modern world. It’s not mentioned much outside of the NE Monk quest with the trainer, but modern Kaldorei deeply respect the Pandaren because of this. So the fact that Malfurion, or even any of his students, didn’t step up to travel to Pandaria and assist it, is baffling. Furthermore, how on earth can you justify his or Cenarius’ absence when Garrosh went crazy? That history is so present in the stories of all characters involved, it’s actually baffling that it didn’t come up.

I absolutely understand why people aren’t attached to Malfurion, because it is true that he never does anything in WoW… but it seems like they almost deliberately removed him from the situations his character was meant for. And the few times they do show him? Well, the Leyara questline in Cata made him look uncaring for the failures of his kin and people and their suffering… but in every other form of media, the OPPOSITE is true. Curse of the Worgen, we see how devastating it is to him that Arvell died, because despite KNOWING the Pack form simply cant be used, there is conflict in knowing that maybe SOMEHOW Arvell could have lived if he didn’t refuse to break his word to Malfurion even in a life or death situation. Or how, among the last words Malfurion gives in Warcraft 3, one of them is outright threatening Illidan that, even after what he has done good, should he ever threaten “MY PEOPLE” again, there would be severe consequences. In Stormrage he connects to all of the Druids who come from him and his disciples and so on, and through a great combined effort, saves the world, and he is proud at what they contribute to this victory as his own legacy, as the father of druidism. It seems so blatant after looking at every other version of his character, just HOW terrible he actually is in WoW. And I cannot help but wonder if the version of Malfurion we’re meant to have, who likely is what Metzen meant by his ‘favorite character’ in the setting, would actually capture people much more.

And, in my opinion, a VERY similar issue exists with Tyrande. And to avoid going into quite the same level of detail: she retains her severity that she had in wc3, but does not keep any of her nobler qualities. Who we have in WoW doesn’t actually seem like the woman who would halt her mission to aid the refugees of the Sin’dorei and ensure their survival, with no expectation of reciprocated military aid until Maeiv forced it. The unbreakable spirit, the sheer determination and willpower of a Warrior Priestess who would throw out lines like

“There is nothing to fear in this place. The only enemy that has ever given me pause is now corrupting the lands above us. Let us be done with this business and get back to the surface.”

quite simply IS NOT THERE IN WOW. Like, going deeper than just their offensive stereotype of women used for her story in Shadowlands, it is even worse BECAUSE she is fundamentally the opposite kind of person. She isn’t vengeful, she isn’t Maeiv. She would never do what she says she did in Ardenweald, give up on her people, because that is NOT WHO SHE IS.

The real Tyrande says things like this.

“Keep fighting, my warriors! They may be our end, but they will never defeat our spirit!”

While holding off waves of undead minions and frostwyrms. They were not at ALL respectful to both the power she possesses already in lore, or the noblest qualities that define her as a person underneath her hardened ‘soldier’ shell that she put up after 10,000 years of service while the person she loved was bound by duty to never be beside her.

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