A green dragon and a night elf leader's fates in 10.0 Dragonflight (Major spoiler)

this was reported in the datamined dialogue so idk if this is true…I think there might be lot neg feedback on this…

Don’t kill the messenger plz ><


About time Malfurion was out of the story. Can only hope this bodes well for a less passifistic Kaldorei culture and Druidic class in the future

I see Illidan over there.


Wouldn’t it make more sense for cenarius to go instead of malfurion. Like isn’t he the son of elune or something like that, which makes the winter queen his aunt that he never met. Just seems like a reach to me :man_shrugging:t5:

Cenarius as an Ancient is more important than one old NE Druid.

Cenarius also wasn’t inadvertently responsible for getting his adoptive mother corrupted and killed. Malfurion running off to confront Xavius without waiting for help is where the mentioned debt comes from. The points are there, not that they’re great points as WoW writing rarely is, but there’s logic to it being him over anyone else.

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Couldn’t we sac Tyrande instead? Please?


After the burning of Teldrassil, Nelfs need all their females. Illidan will have a lot of work to do. Time to repopulate.

Ready to do my part, sir!



Feels like Blizzard is going out of their way to meme the “Blizz hates Night Elves” thing. I’m excited for the expansion after Dragonflight where Elune wills the Night Elves cease to exist and they’re removed as a playable race.

Malfurion just looking for more reasons to get away from Tyrande.

But, for reals, feeling like Blizzard has something against anyone with purple skin… :upside_down_face:

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If it’s actually true then lmao.

Nelves can’t win.

Say it with me:

Night Elves cannot win.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the writers have some sort of weird hate for Night Elves. It’s just been a continual stream of freakish trauma since Cataclysm, with the one glimmer of hype being kind of ruined in Legion with the AR system.

Like, what is actually going on here?
Especially meanwhile, in Horde elf land, it’s marriage and friendship abounds.



I mean, Night Elf players keep clamoring for more and more and more plot.

They should know that anything that Blizzard gives is one finger down on the monkey’s paw. I’m more than happy to have the Draenei get ignored after Yrel’s weird face-heel turn in the Mag’har opening quests!


And what’s funny is, it’s once again Malfurion who gets to play sacrifice for the proverbial axe.

At least this one isn’t literal?

You, complaining for getting Nelf lore.

Me, crying in a corner, waiting for playable Forest Trolls since vanilla.

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I forgot those trolls are still around >.>.


We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life.

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i’d happily swap not being able to play nelves for Horde getting Forest Trolls. Being playable has done nothing but lead to blizz consistently destroying their fantasy anytime they’re on screen, ever since the MMO launched.


Laughs in Thisalee Crow

I would pay disgusting amounts of real money, if it meant I never had to watch the fem-nelf bouncy, flouncy emote animations ever again.

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