[A] <GOOF> Recruitment: Server 3rd BWL Speed - 5 Raid Teams + 2 Weekly Pugs

GOOF [A] | PVE+PVP | 5 Raid Teams | Semi-Hardcore | EPGP/Loot Council

#3 Grobbulus, top 50 US BWL clear at 42m 14s. Realm 4th, (Alliance 2nd), Nefarian kill.
Five 8/8 BWL teams. Consistently competitive clear times and execution. Weekly GDKP runs. Regular pug raids. Numerous world boss kills. Skilled and high-ranking pvpers. 24/7 groups and discord activity. GOOF is Grobbulus’ largest Alliance raiding guild, and one of the most successful.

Do you want to be on the winning team, or watch from the sidelines?

Raid Times, PST (subject to change):
Team Goof: Tuesday, Thursday 5:30pm.
Team Troop: Wednesday, Monday 7pm.
Team Max: Saturday, Sunday 7pm.
Team Electric Chair: Saturday 8pm.
Team Pluto: Sunday, Monday 5:30pm.
GDKP MC/Ony: Saturday 1pm.
MC Pug: Thursday 7pm.

Available core spots for: dwarf priests, human warriors/non-human warriors with Edgemaster’s.

We are always looking for level 55+ players for bench/trial and social membership, and exceptional players of any class are always encouraged to apply for core spots. Our teams have differing needs and expectations for their members – causal players are welcome, but raiders on top performing teams are expected to bring full world buffs and consumables.

Joining GOOF makes you part of a helpful, social community with hundreds of people who enjoy every aspect of the game; you never have to go it alone. To find out more information message Giltha, or Hearthburn in-game, or Nith#5844 on Discord. You can apply by joining our Discord channel at DISCORD.GG/GOOF, where an officer will be able to message you.


Raid times updated, and application form added to our discord. GOOF continues to grow, and we are excited to find some new members as we get ready to move in 2020!


I wouldn’t be the girl I am now without GOOF!


I just think that it’s a real shame the members of this guild are permitted to go around calling people racial slurs all the time. Unbelievable!


If you have proof of this, please send it to the discord tag mention in the original post.

Otherwise stop spreading lies.


GOOF is happy to announce that our 5th raid team is now up and running, having successfully cleared MC and Onyxia, and that we are now recruiting for our 6th raid team! Please see original post for more details.


Goof, Goof, the Mightiest Troop!
The more your Troop, the more you Goof!
The more you Goof the better you’ll feel!
So bring some Goof for every Deal! =/



Also =/



Join Goof. Or Don’t.

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The Mightiest Troop!
Sponsored by RagRockbaby cola!

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Hey, I’m in that guild!

I moved here from another large guild on this server, and have to say I’m so glad I did. If you want a really nice guild with really nice people, GOOF is it. The leadership actually hang out with you instead of hiding out in their invisible discord channels like some other guilds I know. Raids are fun - not stressful and we clear MC & Ony in one very short evening.


I’m new to GOOF. It’s a fun bunch of guys and gals, lots of active members, lots of dungeon groups LFM from within the guild. I hope to make it my forever guild <3


Plutonium here,

I am the Raid leader of Team Max, just one of six amazing raid teams -GOOF has to offer. Team Max likes to Role Play just a little during raid! I think it really makes MC a lot more memorable if those items don’t drop for you.

The majority of our raiders operate on the EP/GP loot system. This means no matter what raid team you happen to be raiding with you can always have a say.

We have exceptional moderators and officers! We’re always looking for more! If you have friends tell them and bring them a long too! For the Alliance!


GOOF is full of some really good, kind, and fun people. Never a dull moment.

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For what it’s worth, you’d be in my guild. I once held the #1 Parse on Ragnaros for Tank HPS.

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What can i say, We are always Goofin’ around. Come and join you wont be upset.

When you have 6 raid teams and feel the need to continue recruiting. Ffs.

:salt::salt::salt::salt::salt::salt::salt::salt::salt::salt: QQ

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GOOF is proud to announce that we are opening applications for our 7th raid team!
We are currently recruiting all non-tank roles; please see the original post for more details.

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