[A] <Glitched> recruiting 7/10 mythic. Tues/Thur 8-11 est

[A]Glitched-Stormrage is a semi hardcore Mythic raiding guild. Currently 6/10 M CN.

We are a guild of like minded raiders, some of which have been raiding together since BC, looking to add to our Shadowlands team and CEs.

Min IL-210

We are currently looking for
Range- mages, hunters, boomy
Melee- demon hunters, DK and paladins,

All classes of good raiders will also be considered

We maintain a positive and enjoyable progression raiding environment and hold ourselves accountable when we make mistakes.
Outside of mythic raiding, there are plenty of keys, PVP, achievement runs and game nights happening!

Come drop by our discord and get to know us!

Raid schedule

Tuesday and Thursday: 8PM-11PM EST(invites @ 7:45PM)
Optional Heroic Sunday: 8PM-11PM EST

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out an application on our Discord (jASfMpE).

Someone will be in touch with you! If you have questions, you may contact sand#0667 or asuna#3829 on Discord. You can also contact Sand#12522 and Halogir1#1893 over btag! =)

It is a great place to raid.

Things that go bump in the night.

Still Looking for players who want to prog!

Looking for people who want to prog

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