[A] <GHOST> Alliance, 8/8 BWL, Recruiting Exceptional Players

[A] <GHOST> Alliance, 8/8 BWL, Recruiting Exceptional Players

GHOST, 8/8 BWL, is a single raid team of Alliance players on the WoW Classic Sulfuras PVP server.

We value dedication, performance, community and mutual-respect. We’re seeking smart, skilled and contextually aware team members who know their class and who are genuinely excited to join us for BWL and beyond. We raid on Sunday and Monday evenings from 7:30pm-11:30pm.

Our current requirements:

  1. Pre-BIS slot gear or something close.
  2. Ony/MC/BWL attunement
  3. Good communication esp regarding absences
  4. Open to offspec and play key team roles as necessary
  5. A great sense of respect, honesty, fraternity and humor
  6. Open to assisting guild and guildies with profs, quests, dungeons and other activities. (team player).
  7. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for drama llamas.

Our current openings include:

Priest Heals
Resto Druid

To apply: Join our discord: bit.ly/2vDfXWO. Click the “#apply-here” channel. Type “%apply”.

hello, I’m very interested in joining GHOST. I’m a seasoned veteran player on both WoW platforms and I’m currently a deep prot warrior for my main with enchanting and skinning. Your raid days and times are something that’s hard to find but I’m very interested in, as well as your value’s you hold each member by. I have been playing since mid BC with breaks here and there in between exspansion’s and I’m open to an off spec roll in the raid but i would need a lot of help as i would be starting my knowledge from little of my own. I really wanna main a tank,off tank or third tank a class for once and I really like my warrior as I’ve invested a lot into him. I would like to remain prot but i am guildless so it would be nice to at least join a guild now that I’m ready to raid. One ony raid and ill have the QS Sword completed. My mains name is Ayyayyron and I’m pretty much pre raid BiS and have been for awhile. I would really like to hear from you so please feel free to get in touch.