[A] <GET EPIC OR DIE TRYING> Heartseeker-PvP- LFM for Raid #2

[A] | NA-Heartseeker | Semi-Hardcore | Tues/Thur 7:30-11pm ST | Loot Council

RECRUITMENT NEEDS (Any exceptional player is welcome to apply)

  • [Druid] - High
  • [Hunter] - Medium
  • [Mage] - Medium
  • [Paladin] - High
  • [Priest] - Low
  • [Rogue] - High
  • [Warlock] - High
  • [Warrior] - Low

We are looking for people who can make raid times, show up to raid with the appropriate consumables and world buffs, and have a well rounded knowledge of their classes role/spec.

We are pretty laid back when it comes to current farm content (besides making sure we clear as fast as possible) but just as easily swap to serious mode to progress through content as needed. We are looking for a few more folks to round us out for upcoming AQ/Naxx progression!

For more information or to ask about a spot on our raid team contact any officer on Discord or in-game to

Emerys (Emerys#6315)
Skaine (Skaine(Haggis)#0234)
Trielwin (Trielwin#8646)

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Still looking! Check us out