[A] Geared mage LF hardcore guild

Geared gnome mage LF hardcore raiding guild. Cleared BWL day 1 and intend to day 1 all further content. Starting to get into PvP now to fill my downtime so I’ll be ranking frequently as well. Already have MQG and Claw of Chromag as well as TOEP and a bunch of other stuff. most of my enchants are done only reason I haven’t finished them yet is cause I don’t have a guild to raid with.

I also have a 40 priest alt I’m working on and honestly until this quarantine craziness is over I’ll have time to 1-60 a character if your guild has a specific need you need met, but I’d have to be confident in the guild to do that. I’m fully available but prefer to raid afternoons mid week, but I can make any time work currently if the guild is a good fit.

Hope to see you in game :slight_smile: